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  • General/technical: and done: the yearly cleaning of dead links is done, making this site in general, and the Prodosy Guide in particular, far less annoying to the reader.
  • Anamorphisms: minor retouches.
  • Links: this section is about to disappear, as the website is streamlined around the parts people actually give a crap about.
  • Nugae: the mail contact form now actually works from all pages, and so does the mailing list. Sorry for the persistent inconvenience.
  • Prosody: the real world, paper edition of the guide is now correctly linked.
  • Troubadours: MIDI melodies work on most browsers now, even without trying to get plug-ins to work; unfortunately, this means losing most of the nifty controls of plug-ins, and having considerably heavier pages. Sorry.
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