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Also informally known as the "yeah, right" page

You might wonder what you can do to help this site; if you actually do so, you will contribute to increasing my trust in humanity, which, right now, is extremely limited. Anyhow, the answer to the question is, there are plenty of things you can do. For your convenience, I shall sort them in groups of ascending unlikelyhood.

  1. Spread the rumour: tell people who might be interested that this site is here. As recently pointed out, this site heavily sacrifices search engine placement in order to remain true to itself (i.e., not to annoy its readers). By providing more visitors, you can perhaps make things from groups 2 to 6 happen without spending time and/or money, which is a great conscience teaser.

  2. Signal mistakes. This site is composed of some 1400 odd pages and mistakes, both in spelling and content, are rife. If you notice any, just drop a line, and it shall be fixed.

  3. Provide data: there are things missing. One of the most irritating is that many poems of the troubadours database are not complete with their original music, but there are also some sections of the prosody guide (e.g., the one about rhyming) which are missing specific examples. Sending input would be much appreciated.

  4. Provide labour: if you have a critical edition of a troubadour who is not included in our database, you might consider copying his works and offering it for inclusion. Otherwise, if you can read ancient Provençal, you could help us with the translations: currently, we are only two people taking care of that immense work.

  5. Donate: I don't directly ask for money, which I would probably squander on my many vices (Vietnamese food, Ernie comics and spiny oysters, just to mention a few) but for specific books that would help me improve the content of the site or write better newsletters. Here's a wish list.

  6. Buy a paper copy of the prosody guide: it is like donating, but you get a book (and I get in my publisher's good graces) out of it.

That's all; if you have made it to the end of this list, I am already somewhat grateful.