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Quan chai la fuelha
dels aussors entressims
el freg s'erguelha
don seca 'l vais e'l vims,
del dous refrims
vei sordezir la bruelha:
mais ieu sui prims
d'Amor qui que s'en tuelha.

Tot quan es gela,
mas ieu no puesc frezir
qu'amors novela
mi fa'l cor reverdir;
non dei fremir
qu'Amors mi cuebr'em cela
em fai tenir
ma valor em capdela

Bona es vida
pus Joia la mante
quei tals n'escrida
qui ges non vai tam be;
no sai de re
coreillar m'escarida
que per ma fe
de mielhs ai ma partida.

De drudaria
no'm sai de re blasmar,
qu'autrui paria
trastorn en reirazar;
geb as sa par
no sai doblar m'amia
q'una non par
que segonda no'l sia

No vuelh s'asemble
mos cors ab autr'amor
si qu'eu ja'l m'emble
ni volva'l cap alhor:
no ai paor
que ja selh de Pontremble
n'aia gensor
de lieis ni que la semble.

Tant es per genta
selha que'm te joios
las gensors trenta
vens de belhas faisos:
ben es razos
doncas que mos chans senta
quar es tan pros
e de ric pretz manenta.

Vai t'en chanzos,
denan lei ti presenta,
que s'ill no fos
no'i meir'Arnautz s'ententa.

When the leaf sings
from the highest peaks
and the cold rises,
withering the hazelnut and willow,
of its sweet refrains
I see the wood grow dumb;
but I'm close to love,
whosoever might abandon it.

Everything is iced,
but I cannot freeze
because a love affair
makes my heart lush again;
I should not quiver,
because Love covers and hides me
and makes me preserve
my merit, and leads me.

Life is good,
if joy holds it,
though some, whose things
do not go well, complain;
I don't know how
to reproach my lot
since, by my troth,
I have my share of the best.

As of flirting,
I don't know what to blame,
and of the others
I spurn the company;
since, of all her peers,
no one is like mine,
since there doesn't seem to be one
who comes not after her.

I don't want my heart
to join another love
lest she flees me
and turns her head elsewhere:
I have no fear
that even the one from Pontremoli
has one worthier
than her, or that seems so.

She's so kind,
the one that keeps me joyous
that the kindest thirty
she wins by her fair looks:
that's a good reason
for her to hear my songs,
because she's so noble
and so preciously deserving.

Go, then, song,
show before her:
if it were not so,
you wouldn't deserve Arnaut's endeavour.