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D'autra guiz e d'autra razo
m'aven a chantar que no sol,
e no'us cugetz que de mon dol
esper a far bona chanso,
mas mestier m'es qu'ieu fassa merceiar
a mans, chantan lieis qui m'encolp a tort,
qu'ieu n'ai lezer qu'estiers non parl'ab tres.

Merce dei trobar e perdo
si'l dreitz uzatges no'm destol
tal que de merceiar no'm tol;
ja salvet Merces lo lairo
que autre be no'l podia salvar;
ieu non ai plus ves ma vida cofort
que, si'l dreitz qu'ai no'm val, valha'm Merces.

Donc a hom dreg en Amor? No,
mas cujarion-s'o li fol
qu'ela'us encolpara, si's vol,
quar li Frances no son Guasco
e quar la naus frai ans que fos a Bar:
las! per aital colpa sui pres de mort,
que d'als, per Crist, no sai qu'ieu tort l'agues.

Ar conosc ieu e sap mi bo
qu'om nos part leu de so que vol,
ans n'a cor plus humil e mol
si tot l'estrai un temps son do:
per mi'us o dic qu'anc non puec dezamar
selha que'm tolh del tot joy e deport,
ans m'afortis ades on pieger m'es.

Hueimais, senhor e compagno,
per Dieu, ans quei del tot m'afol
preiatz lieis don m'amor no's tol
que n'aia merce cum del so,
e diguas tug, pus non l'aus nominar:
bela, prendetz per nos n'Arnaut en cort
e no metatz son chantar en deves.

In another way, on another subject,
from what I'm used to, I'd better sing;
and don't you think that out of my grief
I hope to compose a good song,
but I have to move to mercy
many, singing about her who blames me wrongly,
since I have a chance, lest I'd talk but to three.

I must find compassion and forgiveness,
unless the rightful usage has gone
that doesn't prevent me from begging for compassion;
Compassion saved the thief
whom no other good could save;
as for my life, I have no more comfort:
therefore, if right doesn't help me, let Compassion do it.

Then, has man any right in love? No,
but fools could think so
just as, if one'd like to, he could accuse
the French of not being Gascon
or the ship of sinking before reaching Bari:
alas! for such a crime I'm taken by death,
because otherwise, by Christ, I don't know what I did wrong.

Now I know, and I like it so,
that one does not part lightly from the one whom he craves,
instead, he gets a humble and tender heart,
even if she denies her grace temporarily:
I say this about me, who cannot stop loving
her that took all my joy and my pleasure away,
instead, the worse she treats me, the more I persist.

At last, lords and companions,
by god, before she utterly wastes me,
pray her to whom my love clings
to pity me as hers,
and say, you all, since I don't dare name her:
"Fair one, take Arnaut in your heart for us
and don't throw his singing away".