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Lancan vei fueill'e flor e frug
parer des arbres el ramel
e aug lo chan que fan e'l brug
ranas el riu, el bosc l'auzel,
adonc mi fueill'e'm flor'e'm fruch'Amors
el cor tan gen qe la nueg mi ressida
can autra gen dorm e pauz'e sojorna.

Er sai eu c'Amors m'a condug
el sieus plus seguran castel
don non dei renda ni trahug,
anz men fag don e chapdel;
non ai poder ni cor qe'm vir aillors,
q'enseniamenz e feeutatz plevida
lai pren estar, car bon pretz s'i adorna.

Amors de vos ai fag estug
lonjamen verai e fizel,
c'anc non fiz ganda no esdug
d'amar anz m'era bon e bel:
e vos faitz me dels gran afans secors,
Merces d'aitan qe'l miels aia eslida
don par soleils jusqu'al ser que s'ajorna.

D'enjan mi tuel e d'enuech fug
per Amor ab que m'atropel,
don ai un tal ver dir adug
re no sai qe mentirs espel:
oimais pres eu ben pauc lauzenjadors
per so q'eu voil m'en vol sil c'ai cobida
e eu sol soi qe'ls sieus ditz non trastorna.

Si l'auzes dir ben saubron tug
qe Jois mi monta'l cor en cel,
car deport mi creis e desdug
la bela qe d'amor apel:
mon bon esper mi dobla sa valors
car qi mais val mais dopta far faillida,
ez il non es de re trista ne morna.

D'aqest amor so loin fordug
domneador feinen fradel;
pero si's n'an main pretz destrug
tal qe's fan coinde ez isnel;
et eu qe soi dels leials amadors
estau jauzens, c'Amors e Jois mi guida
lo cor en joi, qe aillors no's trastorna.

Vai t'en chanzos, a la bela de cors
e dijas li c'Arnautz met en oblida
tot'autr'amor per leis vas cui s'atorna.

When I see leaves and flowers and fruit
appearing on tree-boughs,
and hear song and the soud which make
frogs in the stream, in the wood the bird,
then blossoms and blooms and bears fruits of Love
my heart, so pleasantly that it wakes me up at night,
when others sleep and nap and rest.

Now, I know Love has lead me
to his safest stronghold
and I owe him neither fief nor toll,
rather, he made of it my gift and my haven;
I have neither strength nor intention to turn elsewhere,
since courtesy and granted faithfulness
take place there, since high worth is so adorned.

Love, I have been your shelter
long-lasting, faithful and true,
since never I've restrained myself
from loving, it was good and fair to me:
and you [too], help me in this dire throe,
Mercy, since I've chosen the best who lives
from whence the sun comes up to where it rests at night.

I leave deceit and escape spleen
because of Love, who mustered me,
gifting me with a word so true
that I don't know what lying means:
now I take little heed of slanderers
since I know I desire, and she desires me, the one whom I've coveted,
and I am not one not to keep his own word.

If I dared say it, everybody would well know it,
that Joy exalts my heart to the sky,
since disport and pleasure are increased
by the beauty who calls me her love:
my good hope is doubled by her worth:
the more one is worthy the more he fears failure,
and she is neither sour nor wicked.

From this love are kept far away
hypocritical and foolish suitors;
though there are some who have spoilt much worth
by pretending to be courteous and solicitous;
and I, who am a fair lover,
am rejoicing, since Joy and love are leading
my heart to joy, and it wanders nowhere else.

Go thence, song, to that beautiful sweetheart
and tell her that Arnaut forgets
all other loves to turn towards her.