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L'aur amara
fa'ls bruels brancutz
que'l dous'espeis'ab fuelhs,
e'ls letz
dels auzels ramencx
te babs e mutz,
e non pars,
per que m'esfortz
per far e dir
a manhs per lei
qui m'a virat bas d'aut,
don tem morir
si l'afans no m'asoma.

Tan fo clara
ma prima lutz
lei don cre'l cors los huelhs,
non pretz
mans dos aigovencx
d'autra, s'esdutz
mos preiars:
pero deportz
m'es ad auzir
bos motz segrei
de lieis don tan m'azaut
qu'al sieu servir
sei del pe tro c'al coma.

Amors, guara!
sui be vengutz?
tem far, si'm dezacuelhs
tal detz
que t'es mielhs que't trencx,
qu'ieu sui fis drutz,
e non vars;
ma'l cors ferm fortz
me fai cobrir
mainhs vers,
qu'ap tot lo nei,
m'agr' ops us bais al caut
cor refrezir,
que no'i val autra goma.

Si m'ampara,
silh que'm trautz,
qui es de pretz capduelhs,
dels quetz
qu'ai dedins a rencx
l'er for rendutz
mos pensars:
quieu fora mortz
mas fa'm sufrir
que'lh prec que'm brei,
qu'aisso'm te let e baut,
que d'als jauzir
non val jois un poma.

Doussa car'a
totz aips volgutz,
m'er per vos manhs erguelhs,
quar etz
de totz mos fadencx
don ai manhs brutz
e guabars
de vos no'm tortz
ni'm fai partir
c'anc non amei
ren tan amens d'ufaut,
ans vos dezir
plus que Dieu silh de Doma.

Ara't para,
chans e condutz,
al rei qui te rucuelhs,
quar Pretz,
sai, lai es doblencx,
e mantegutz
e manjars:
de joi la't portz.
son anel mir
si'l ders,
qu'anc non estei
jorn d'Araguo que'l saut
no'i volgues ir;
mas sai m'an clamat: "roma!"

Fez es l'acrotz:
qu'el cor remir
totz sers
lieis cui dompnei,
ses parsonier Arnaut,
qu'en autr'albir
n'esfort m'entent'a soma.

The bitter air
makes those bough-laden woods
which the sweet one thickens with leaves,
and the gleeful
of the wandering birds
it keeps stammering and dumb,
and single ones,
therefore I endeavour
to act and speak
to many for the sake of her
who has cast me low from high,
for whom I dread to die
if my grievance isn't eased.

So bright it was,
my first enlightenment
in choosing
her about whom my heart believes my eyes,
I don't care for
inviting becks
of another woman, if she turns away
my rare
but it is joy
to me to hear
her wish;
I shall follow the fair words
of her who has taken me so much
that in serving her
I am [devoted] from head to toe.

Hist, Love!
am I welcome?
To display,
I fear, if you repel me,
such words
that you'd better cut this,
since I'm a faithful lover,
and not fleeting;
but my firm, strong heart
makes me conceal
in many directions that,
albeit I deny it,
I'd need a kiss my hot
heart to refresh,
since other remedies are useless.

If he agrees,
he who is tormenting me,
to make me closer
to that epitome of worth,
of the mute
which huddle inside me
shall be made to her
my thoughts:
that I would be dead
but it helps me endure
that expectation
which I endear her to shorten,
which alone keeps me gay and joyful,
since of other joys
none's worth a minnow.

Sweet visage,
laden with all qualities,
to endure
from your hands shall be pride,
since you are
the end
of all my follies,
because of which I have suffered many ill
but scoffing
doesn't turn me from you
nor makes me part [from you]
since never have I loved
with less vanity anything:
rather, I long for you
more than those of Doma long for God.

Now get ready, you
lyrics and song,
to show
before the king that welcomes you,
since Worth,
here, is doubled there,
and kept is
the habit of giving gifts
and food:
gladly I bring you there.
Ah, for her wondrous ring
to behold!
Never have I been
far from Aragon without, all of a sudden,
craving to go there;
but here they have shouted: "Stay!"

The rhymes are done:
let the heart behold
every night
her who suits
her absent Arnaut,
since in other thought
I cannot put my whole will.