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Autet e bas entre'ls prim fuelhs
son nou de flors els ram li renc,
e no'i te mut bec ni guola
nuls auzels, ans brai e canta
en son us:
per joi qu'ai d'els e del temps
chan, mas Amors mi assauta,
que'ls motz ab lo so acorda.

Dieu o grazisc e a mos huelhs,
que per lor conoissensa'm venc
Jois qu'a dreit auci e fola
l'ira qu'ieu n'aui e l'anta.
Ar vau sus
qui que'n mus
d'Amor, don sui fis e frems,
qu'ab lieis qu'al cor plus m'azauta
sui liatz ab ferma corda.

Merces, Amors, qu'aras m'acuelhs!
Tart mi fo, mas en grat m'o prenc,
quar, si m'art dins la meola
lo fuecs non vuelh que s'escanta;
mas pels us
estauc clus
qui d'autrui joi fan greus gems,
e pustel'ai'en sa gauta
selh qu'ab lieis se dezacorda.

De bon'amor falsa l'escuelhs,
e drutz es tornatz en fadenc,
qui di que'l parlars no'l cola
nulha re qu'al cor crebanta
de Pretz l'us;
quar enfrus
es d'aquo qu'ieu molt ai crems;
e qui de parlar tressauta
dreitz es qu'en la lengua's morda.

Vers es qu'ieu l'am, e es orguels:
mas ab jauzir celat lo trenc;
qu'anc pus sainh Paul fe pistola
ni nuls hom dejus caranta,
no pot plus
neis Jhesus
far de tals, quar a abstemps
los bos aips don es plus auta
selha qu'om per pros recorda.

Pretz e Valors, vostre capduelhs
es la bella c'ab si'm retenc,
qui m'a sol e ieu lieis sola,
qu'autr'el mon no m'atalanta,
ans sui brus
e estrus
a'ls autras e'l cor tenc prems;
mas pel sieu joi trep'e sauta
no vuelh qu'autra m'o comorda.

Arnautz ama e non di nemps,
qu'Amors m'afrena la gauta
que fols guaps non la comorda.

High and low among the first leaves
the boughs and branches are fresh with flowers,
and no bird there keeps its bill or throat
silent: instead, they tweet and sing,
each of them
according to its kind:
out of the joy I have from them and from the season
I sing, but Love assaults me,
[he] who matches the words with the song.

I give thanks to God and to my eyes,
since out of their wisdom came
Joy, which rightfully slays and upbraids
all the sadness and shame I had.
Now I soar above
anyone who waits
for Love, to whom I am faithful and steady,
since to the one who most assails my heart
I am bound with a steady tether.

Gramercy, Love, that now welcome me!
Bitter it was to me, but I'm grateful nonetheless
since, though that fire burns in
my marrow, I don't want it to be quenched;
but I'll hush
because of some
who make great complaints out of others' joy:
may he who disagrees with Love
have a bleb on his cheek.

He falsifies love's worthy teaching,
he turns a lover into a madman,
he who tells that talk doesn't expose
anything that bars Worth's gate
to one's heart;
since it is greedy
of that which I fear so much;
and he who exceeds in talking
it's just right he bites his tongue.

It is true that I love her, and of that I am proud:
but I gladly keep it secret,
since, although St. Paul made a letter
and somebody forty days of fasting,
nobody can anymore,
not even Jesus,
make one such, because, at the same time,
she has the good qualities for which stands highest
the [type of] woman whom people prize because of her virtues.

Worth and Prize, your highest peak
is the one who fetters me so to herself,
who holds me only and I only her,
since no one else in the world attracts me;
instead, I am rude
and moody
with the others and keep my heart locked,
but for her joy, it jumps and dances:
I don't want anyone else to take it.

Arnaut loves and doesn't tell much,
since Love stops my tongue
so that no madded boasting possesses it.