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Sol sui qui sai lo sobrafan qu'em sortz
al cor d'amor sofren per sobramar,
que mos volers es tant ferms et entiers
c'anc non s'esduis de celliei ni s'estors
cui encubic al prim vezer s'e puois:
c'ades ses lieis dic a lieis cochos motz;
puois quand la vei non sai, tant l'ai, que dire.

D'autras vezer sui secs e d'auzir sortz
q'en sola lieis vei e aug e esgar,
e jes d'aisso no'il sui fals plazentiers
que mais la vol non ditz la bocha'l cors,
qu'ieu non vau tant chams vauz ni plas ni puois
q'en un sol cors trob aissi bons aips totz,
q'en lieis los volc Dieus triar e assire.

Bon ai estat a maintas bonas cortz,
mas sai ab lieis trob pro mais que lauzar:
mesur'e sen e autres bos mestiers,
beutat, joven, bos faitz e bels demors;
gen l'enseignet cortesia la duois
tant a de si totz faitz desplazens rotz
de lieis non cre res de ben si'a dire.

Nuills jauzimen no'm fora breus ni cortz
de lieis cui prec q'o vuoilla devinar,
o ja per mi non o sabra estiers
si'l cors ses dich no's presenta defors,
que jes Rozers, per aiga qe l'engrois,
non a tal briu c'al cor plus larga dotz
no'm fass', estanc d'amor, qan la remire.

Jois e solatz d'autra'm par fals e bortz,
c'una de pretz ab lieis no'is pot egar,
qe'l sieus solatz es dels autres sobriers.
Hai, si no l'ai, las, tan mal m'a comors!
Pero l'afans m'es deportz, ris e jois,
car en pensan sui de lieis lecs e glotz:
hai Dieus, si ja'n serai estiers gauzire!

Anc mais, so'us pliu, no'm plac tant treps ni bortz,
ni res al cor tant de joi no'm poc dar
cum fertz aquel, don anc feinz lausengiers
non s'esbruic, c'a mi sol so's tresors.
Dic trop? ieu non, sol lieis non si'enois:
bella, per Dieu, lo parlar e la votz
vuoill perdr'enans que diga ren qe'us tire.

E ma chanzos prec que no'us si'enois
car, si voletz grazir lo son e'ls motz,
pauc prez'Arnautz cui que plass'o que tire.

I only know the grief that comes to me,
to my love-ridden heart, out of over-loving,
since my will is so firm and whole
that it never parted or grew distant from her
whom I craved at first sight, and afterwards:
and now, in her absence, I tell her burning words;
then, when I see her, I don't know, so much I have to, what to say.

To the sight of other women I am blind, deaf to hearing them
since her only I see, and hear and heed,
and in that I am surely not a false slanderer,
since heart desires her more than mouth may say;
wherever I may roam through fields and valleys, plains and mountains
I shan't find in a single person all those qualities
which God wanted to select and place in her.

I have been in many a good court,
but here by her I find much more to praise:
measure and wit and other good virtues,
beauty and youth, worthy deeds and fair disport;
so well kindness taught and instructed her
that it has rooted every ill manner out of her:
I don't think she lacks anything good.

No joy would be brief or short
coming from her whom I endear to guess [my intentions],
otherwise she won't know them from me,
if my heart cannot reveal itself without words,
since even the Rhone, when rain swells it,
has no such rush that my heart doesn't stir
a stronger one, weary of love, when I behold her.

Joy and merriment from another woman seems false and ill to me,
since no worthy one can compare with her,
and her company is above the others'.
Ah me, if I don't have her, alas, so badly she has taken me!
But this grief is amusement, laughter and joy,
since in thinking of her, of her am I gluttonous and greedy:
ah me, God, could I ever enjoy her otherwise!

And never, I swear, I have liked game or ball so much,
or anything has given my heart so much joy
as did the one thing that no false slanderer
made public, which is a treasure for me only.
Do I tell too much? Not I, unless she is displeased:
beautiful one, by God, speech and voice
I'd lose ere I say something to annoy you.

And I pray my song does not displease you
since, if you like the music and lyrics,
little cares Arnaut whether the unpleasant ones like them as well.