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Per fin'Amor m'esjauzira
Tant quant fai chaut ni s'esfrezis;
Toz tems serai vas lei aclis,
Mas non puosc saber enquera
Si poirai ab joi remaner,
O·m voldra per seu retener
Cella cui mos cor dezira.

Seignors e dompnas guerpira
S'a lei plagues qu'eu li servis;
E qui·m diria m'en partis
Faria·m morir desera,
Qu'en autra non ai mon esper,
Nuoit ni jorn ni maitin ni ser,
Ni d'als mos cors no consira.

Ges tant leu no l'enqesira
S'eu sabes cant greu s'afranquis.
Anc res no fo no s'umelis
Vas Amor, mas ill n'es fera;
E domna non pot ren valer
Per riquessa ni per poder
Se jois d'amor no l'espira.

Ja de dos pes no·m partira
S'il plagues ni m'o consentis,
E sivals d'aitant m'enrequis
Que disses que ma domna era,
E del plus fos al seu plaçer,
De la menzonja o del ver,
C'ab sol son dig m'enrequira.

Entre joi remaing et ira
Ades quant de lei mi partis,
Qu'anc pois no la vi qu'ela·m dis
Que si l'ames ill m'amera;
Al re no sai de son voler;
Mas ben pot ma domna saber
Qu'eu morrai si ganre·m tira.

Genser domn' el mon no·s mira,
Bell'e blancha plus c'us hermis,
Plus fresca que rosa ne lis;
Ren als no m'en desespera,
Dieus! si poirai l'ora veder
Qu'eu puosca pres de lei jazer!
Eu non, quar vas mi no·s vira.

Toz mos talenz m'aemplira
Ma domna, sol d'un bais m'aizis,
Qu'en guerrejera mos vezis,
Et fora larcs e donera,
E·m fera grazir e temer
E mos enemics bas chader
E tengra·l meu e·l garnira.

E pot ben ma domna saber
Que ja nulz hom de mon poder
De meillor cor no·ill servira.

E si·m fezes tant de plazer
Que·m laisses pres de si jaser,
Ja d'aquest mal non morira.

I shall rejoice of a noble Love
when it is warm as well as when it's cold;
I shall submit to her all the time,
but I can't know yet
if I shall be able to stay on joy's side,
or whether the one my heart desires
will keep me as her own.

I'll abandon ladies and lords
if she likes me to serve her;
and whoever told me to leave her
would make me die on the spot,
for I don't have my hopes in any other woman,
neither day nor night, neither morning nor noon,
nor does my heart fancy anything else.

I wouldn't have entreated her so lightly
had I known how hard she is to soften.
There isn't any being that isn't humiliated
by Love; she, however, is brutal towards him;
and a lady can't be worth anything,
out of power or out of wealth,
if joy of love doesn't inspire her.

I wouldn't part from her feet
if she liked and accepted me,
or if she only enriched me
by saying that she is my lady,
and for the rest, I'd agree to what'd please her
be it lie or truth,
for she'll enrich me with her words alone.

I remain between joy and sadness
when I part from her;
besides, I haven't seen her since the day she told me
that if loved her, she'll love me; [sic]
I don't know anything else about her intentions;
but my lady can well know
that I'll die if she long torments me.

A finer lady isn't seen in this world,
beautiful and whiter than an ermine,
fresher than rose or lily;
nothing else moves me more to despair.
God! if I could see the hour
when I may lie by her side!
I can't, because she doesn't turn toward me.

My lady would fulfil all
my wishes if she graced me with one kiss:
I'll then move war against my neighbours,
and shall be generous and give,
and shall be kept in awe and fear
and shall make my enemies fall ruinously
and shall keep my possessions and appoint them.

And may my lady know
that no other man of my status
will ever serve her with a better heart.

And if she graced so much as
to let me lie at her side,
I wouldn't die of this malaise.

Note: of uncertain attribution.