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Companho, farai un vers qu'er covinen,
Et aura-i mais de foudatz no-y a de sen,
Et er totz mesclatz d'amor e de joy e de joven.

E tenguatz lo per vilan qui no-l enten,
O dins son cor voluntiers non l'apren:
Greu partir si fai d'amor qui la troba a talen.

Dos cavalhs ai a ma sselha, ben e gen,
Bon son et adreg per armas e valen,
E no-ls puesc amdos tener, que l'us l'autre non cossen.

Si-ls pogues adomesjar a mon talen,
Ja no volgr'alhors mudar mon garnimen,
Que meils for'encavalguatz de nuill ome viven.

Launs fon dels montaniers lo plus corren,
Mas aitan fer' estranhez'a longuamen
Et es tan fers e salvatges, que del bailar si defen.

L'autre fon noyritz sa jus part Cofolen
Ez anc no-n vis bellazor, mon escien:
Aquest non er ja camjatz ni per aur ni per argen.

Qu'ie-l donei a son senhor polin payssen,
Pero si-m retinc ieu tan de covenen
Que, s'ilh lo tenia un an, qu'ieu lo tengues mais de cen.

Cavalier, datz mi cosselh d'un pessamen:
-Anc mays no fuy issaratz de cauzimen- :
Res non sai ab qual me tengua, de n'Agnes o de n'Arsen.

De Gimel ai lo castel e-l mandamen,
E per Niol fauc ergueill a tota gen:
C'ambedui me son jurat e plevit per sagramen.

Comrades, I shall write a fitting poem,
one with more folly than sense,
all laden with love, joy and youth.

And let he be called a knave, who doesn't understand it,
or learn it, for that matter, by heart:
people who like poetry hardly part from love.

I have two horses I can saddle well and gladly
they are good and brave and fit for fighting,
and I can't keep them both because they can't stand each other.

If I could tame them as I wish,
I wouldn't take my gear elsewhere,
because I would be mounted better than anyone else.

The one is the fastest of the mountaineers
but it has been acting fiercely oddly for a long time
and it is so fierce and savage that it refuses to be bridled.

The other was reared around Confolens
and you never saw a prettier one, by my troth:
such one can't be traded for gold nor for silver.

Because I gave it to its master as a filly
but we agreed to the condition
that, if he had it for one year, I would have it for a century.

Knights, advise me about this conundrum:
-never was I [so] troubled by a choice-
I don't know which one to keep to, that of dame Agnes or that of dame Arsen.

I hold the castle of Gimel and its land,
and I boast about Nieul with everybody
since both are sworn faithful to me.

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