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Ben vuelh que sapchon li pluzor
D'un vers, si-s de bona color
Qu'ieu ai trag de mon obrador,
Qu'ieu port d'ayselh mestier la flor,
Et es vertatz,
E puesc en trair lo vers auctor,
Quant er lassatz.

Eu conosc ben sen e folor,
E conosc anta et henor,
Et ai ardiment e paor;
E si-m partetz un juec d'amor,
No suy tan fatz
No sapcha triar lo melhor
Entre-ls malvatz.

Eu conosc ben selh qui be-m di
E selh qui-m vol mal atressi
E conosc be selluy qui-m ri;
E si-ll pro s'azauton de mi,
Conosc assatz:
Qu'atressi dei voler lor fi
E lor solatz.

Ja ben aya selh qui-m noyri,
Que tan bo mestier m'eschari
Que anc a negu no-n falhi:
Que de jogar sobre coyssi,
A totz tocatz
Mais en say que nulh mo vezi,
Qual que-m vejatz.

Dieus en lau e sanh Jolia:
Tant ai apres del joc doussa
Que sobre totz n'ai bona ma,
E selh qui cosselh me querra
No l'er vedatz,
Ni us de mi non tornara

Qu'ieu ai nom "maistre certa":
Ja m'amigu'anueg no m'aura
Que no-m vuelh'aver l'endema!
Qu'ieu suy d'aquest mestier, so-m va,
Tan ensenhatz
Que be-n sai gazanhar mon pa
En totz mercatz.

Pero no m'auzetz tan guabier
Qu'ieu non fos rahuzatz l'autrier,
Que jogav'a un joc grossier
Que-m fon trop bos el cap primier
Tro fo taulatz;
Quan gardiey, no m'ac plus mestier:
Si-m fon camjatz.

Mas elha-m dis un reprovier:
"Don, vostre datz son menudier"
"Et ieu revit vos a doblier,
Fis-m ieu:qui-m dava Monpeslier
Non er laissatz!"
E leviey un pauc son taulier
Ab ams mos bratz.

E quan l'aic levat lo taulier
Empeys los datz:
E-ill duy foron cairat vallier,
E-l terz plombatz.

E fi-l ben ferir al taulier,
E fon joguatz.

I would well like most people to know
whether this verse is well crafted.
I produce it from my workshop,
since I am really the champion of this art
and it is true
and I bring as a witness this verse itself
when it is done.

I know wisdom and foolishness well,
and I know shame and honour
and I have both fear and courage;
and if you propose a love-game
I am not so fatuous
that I can't tell the best one
among the mediocre.

I know well those who mean well
and those who hate me as well
and I know who makes merry with me;
and if gentlemen enjoy my company,
I am quite aware
that I have to take care of their comfort
and of their amusement.

Be blessed the one who took care of my upbringing
and taught me such a good occupation
which never failed me
because when it comes to board-playing
for every fret
I know more than any of my neighbours
no matter what you see me trying.

I thank god and Saint Julian:
I have learned so much about the sweet game
that I am more skilled than anybody else,
and he who asks for my advice
won't be denied it,
nor will anyone come back from me
with bad advice.

Since I have for a nickname "Infallible Master":
never will my mistress have me one night
and not wish to have me the next day!
Because in this trade I am (and I freely say it)
so expert
that I can earn my living
in every market.

However, I am not so big
that I wasn't defeated the other day
when I was playing for a big stake
and the preliminaries were all in my favour
until the game was laid out:
when I looked at it, it wasn't of any use anymore,
it had changed on me.

But she reproached me:
"Sir, your dice are small"
"And I will double the stakes:"
Said I "Even if they gave me Montpellier,
I wouldn't resign!"
And I lifted her board a little
with both arms.

And after having lifted the board,
I threw the dice,
and the first two were good points
and the third was loaded.

And I had it hit the board well,
and it was game.