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Pos vezem de novel florir
Pratz, e vergiers reverdezir,
Rius e fontanas esclarzir,
Auras e vens,
Ben deu chascus lo joi jauzir
Don es jauzens.

D'amor non dei dire mas be.
Quar no-n ai ni petit ni re?
Quar ben leu plus no m'en cove!
Pero leumens
Dona gran joi qui be-n mante
Los aizimens.

A totz jorns m'es pres enaisi
C'anc d'aquo c'amei no-m jauzi;
Ni o farai, ni anc non ho fi;
C'az essiens
Fauc maintas ves que-l cor me di:
Tot es niens.

Per tal n'ai meins de bon saber
Quar vueill so que non puesc aver;
E si-l reprovers me ditz ver,
A bon coratge bon poder,
Qui-s ben sufrens.

Ja no sera nuils hom ben fis
Contr'amor, si non l'es aclis,
Et als estranhs et als vezis
Non es consens,
Et a totz sels d'aicels aizis

Obediensa deu portar
A motas gens qui vol amar,
E cove li que sapcha far
Faitz avinens
E que-s gart en cort de parlar

Del vers vos dic que mais ne vau
Qui be l'enten, e n'a plus lau:
Que-ls motz son faitz tug per egau
E-l sonetz, ieu meteus m'en lau,
Bos e valens.

A Narbona, mas ieu no-i vau,
Sia-l prezens
Mos vers, e vueill que d'aquest lau
Sia guirens.

Mon Esteve, mas ieu no-i vau,
Sia-l prezens
Mos vers, e vueill que d'aquest lau
Sia guirens.

Since we see, again, blossoming
meadows and greening gardens
and clearing rills and fountains,
and breezes and winds,
everybody should enjoy the joy
which makes him joyous.

I can't say anything bad about love:
why don't I get any of it?
Probably because I've had my full share!
Still, easily
gives great joy the one who keeps
to the rules.

It has always been like this for me:
that I never enjoyed the one I loved;
I never will, just as I never have;
therefore, it is consciously that,
many times, I do what my heart suggest:
all is nothing.

For this reason I have less pleasure,
because I want what I cannot have;
but if the adage tells the truth,
persistence is success
to one who can cope.

Never will a man be loyal
to love, unless he is submitted to it,
and is kind
towards both strangers and neighbours
and obliging
towards everybody in these circles.

One must oblige
many people, if he wants to love
and he ought to have
elegant manners
and that he refrains, in court, from speaking

Concerning this verse, I tell you that it acquires more value
and praise if one understands it well,
because the words are well arranged
and the melody, I boast about it myself,
is nice and moving.

Let Narbonne (but I won't go there)
have my verse
and I want it to be the voucher
of this praise.

Let my Esteve (but I won't go there)
have my verse
and I want him to be the voucher
of this praise.