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Pois tals saber mi sortz e·m creis
Que trobar sai – et ieu o dic! –
Mal estara si non pareis
Et er mi blasmat si m'en gic;
Car so qu'om van'ab la lenga
Taing ben que en pes lo tenga,
Car non pot aver pejor dec
Qui ditz so que no s'avenga.

Er ai gaug car sebram dels freis
E remanon sol li abric;
Li auzellet – et es lor leis
Qe negus de chantar no·is gic –
Us quecs s'alegr'en sa lenga
Pel novel temps que·il sovenga;
E dels arbres qu'eron tuit sec
Lo foils pels branquils s'arenga.

E qui anc jorn d'amar si feis
Non taing q'era s'en desrazic
C'ab lo novel temps que s'espreis
Deu quecs aver son cor plus ric;
E qui non sap ab la lenga
Dir so que·il coven, aprenga
Consi ab novel joi s'esplec:
C'aisi vol Pretz que·s captenga.

Estat ai fis amics adreis
D'una que·m enganav'ab tric,
E car anc s'amors mi destreis,
Tos temps n'aurai mon cor enic;
Qu'aras non voill qu'ab sa lenga
Auir lo digz que·m destrenga
Per so qu'autre ab lieis s'abrec
Et eu caz so q'aicel prenga.

Ab leis remanga·l malaveis
E·l engans et ab son amic;
Que tals joys m'a pres e m'azeis
Dont ja non creirai fals prezic:
Anz voill c'om mi tail la lenga
S'ieu ja de leis crei lausenga
Ni de s'amor mi desazec,
S'ie·n sabia perdr'Aurenga.

Ben taing qu'eu sia fis vas leis
Car anc mais tant en aut non cric.
Que Nostre Seigner, el mezeis,
Ab pauc de far non i faillic;
C'apenas saup ab la lenga
Dir "aital vuoill que devenga";
Qu'a la beutat q'en leis assec
Non volc c'autra s'i espenga.

Domna, no·us sai dir loncs plaideis,
Mas far de mi podetz mendic
O plus ric que anc no fon reis;
Del tot sui en vostre castic!
Sol vos digatz ab la lenga
Consi voletz que·m captenga;
Qu'eu ai cor qu'enasi estec,
E que ja d'autra no·m fenga!

Domna, no·us quier ab la lenga
Mas qu'en baisan vos estrenga
En tal luoc on ab vos m'azec,
E que d'ams mos bratz vos senga.

Levet, fai auzir ta lengua
En cuy beutatz se depenga;
C'aia tal vers selha qu'ieu dec
Per so que de mi·l sovenga.

Since such a skill springs and grows in me,
that I can write poetry – and I do claim so! –
it will look bad if it doesn't show
and I shall be blamed if I give it up;
since that which one boasts with his tongue
should weigh heavily on his mind,
since there is no worse fault
than claiming something that doesn't happen.

Now I enjoy that we part from the cold
and that the shelters remain unused;
little birds – their laws impose
that no one get away with no singing –
each one rejoices in its own language
because of Spring, which it recalls;
and the branches of the trees, which were all dry,
are lined with foliage.

And whoever took to loving
ought not to uproot himself from it now
for, with the awakening of Spring,
each should have his heart enriched;
and he who doesn't know how to express
with his tongue what behoves him, let him learn
how to achieve his aim with novel joy:
for Worth wants one to bear himself so.

I have been the faithful and true lover
of a woman who deceived and tricked me
and since I was tethered by my love for her,
I shall always be resentful;
but I don't want to hear from her mouth
words that would tether me
because I know that another enjoys her favour
and I hunt what he captures.

Let spite and deceit remain
with her and with her lover;
since such joy has taken and inflamed me
that I shall never believe anything false about it:
rather, I'd have my tongue cut
before I believe slander about her
nor would I renounce her love,
even if I knew that I'd lose Orange because of it.

It behoves me to be faithful to her
since I have never waxed so high.
Because even the lord himself
almost took fault with her,
for he could barely utter
"thus I wish her to become"
For he doesn't want another woman to aspire
to the beauty he put in her.

Lady, I can't weave a long plea,
but you can make of me a beggar
or someone richer than ever a king was;
I am entirely in your power!
Just say, out of your mouth,
how you want me to behave;
for my heart has always been this way,
and may I never fall for another woman!

Lady, I don't ask for anything out of my mouth
but to hug you, in kissing,
in a place such that I may join you
and encircle you with both my arms.

Levet, have your voice, in which
beauty should be portrayed;
Let the one I mention have such a song
that she may remember me.

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