The Democratic Republic of Poetry
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Pro ai del chan essenhadors
Entorn mi et ensenhairitz:
Pratz e vergiers, albres e flors,
Voutas d'auzelhs e lays e critz,
Per lo dous termini suau,
Qu'en un petit de joy m'estau,
Don nulhs deportz no-m pot jauzir
Tan cum solatz d'amor valen.

Las pimpas sian als pastors
Et als enfans bordentz petitz,
E mias sion tals amors
Don ieu sia jauzens jauzitz.
Qu'ieu la sai bona tot aitau
Ves son amic en greu loguau.
Per so suy trop soen marritz
Quar no n'ai so qu'al cor n'aten.

Luenh es lo castelhs e la tors
Ont elha jay e sos maritz,
Et si per bos cosselladors
Cosselhan non suy enantitz
--Q'autre cosselhs petit m'en vau,
Aitant n'ay fin talan corau,--
Alres no y a mais del murir,
S'alqun joy non ay en breumen.

Totz los vezis apel senhors
Del renh on sos joys fo noyritz,
E crey que-m sia grans honors
Quar ieu dels plus envilanitz
Cug que sion cortes lejau:
Ves l'amor qu'ins el cor m'enclau
Ai bon talan e bon albir,
E say qu'ilh n'a bon escien.

Ma voluntat s'en vai lo cors,
La nueit e'l dia esclarzitz,
Laintz per talant de socors;
Mas tart mi ve e tart mi ditz:
Amicx, fa s'elha, gilos brau
An comensat tal batestau
Que sera greus a departir,
Tro qu'abdui en siam jauzen.

I have good singing mentors
around me, both men and women:
meadows and gardens, flowers and trees,
warbles of birds and cries and chirps
all over the sweet, pleasant season;
still, my joy is limited,
since no leisure can please me
as much as enjoying a worthy love.

Let the shepherds have their pipes,
let the playing children have them;
Let me have such loves instead
that I can please and be pleased.
I know she is full of compassion
towards her pained friend.
Because of that I am often sad
since I don't have what behoves my heart.

Far is the castle, far is the tower
where she and her husband lie
And if by good advisors
I am not, by advice, supported
(other advice is of little worth to me,
so pure is the craving in my heart)
I can't do anything else but die
unless I have some relief in short.

I call "lord" every inhabitants
of the realm where she, its joy, was reared
and I believe it is a great honour for me
that I believe the worst villains among them
to be courteous and loyal.
As for the love which is locked in my heart,
I have both strong longing and good hope,
and I know that she knows it.

My desire follows its course,
at night and in the light of the day,
towards there, seeking help;
But it comes back slowly, and talks to me slowly:
"My friend", she says, "some jealous louts
have started such a brawl
that it'll be hard to part it
so that we can both be satisfied".