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Bel m'es can s'esclarzis l'onda
E qecs auzels pel jardin
S'esjauzis segon son latin!
Lo chanz per los becs toronda,
Mais eu trop miels qe negus.

Qe scienza jauzionda
M'apres c'al soleilh declin
Laus lo jorn, e l'ost' al matin,
Et a qec fol non responda
Ni contra musart no mus.

Car l'Avolenza recoinda
A semblan del flot marin,
Per q'ieu segnhorei mon vezin,
E no vueil ges de mi bonda
So don hom m'apel caus.

Ia non er mais sazionda
Enveia tro en la fin,
Ni Cobezeza atressi,
Q'evejos e dizironda
Vai e reven al pertus.

Ni non cug mai que·s resconda
Malvestatz, c'a plen camin
Segon ja li ric son train,
E canc Avolez' ablonda
Es Malvestatz crup de sus.

A greu aura ia vergonda
Putia de gros bosin,
Mas nafrot baldit baboin
Ja acueilh, car li aprionda
Soven, qi qe s'en graus.

Car el n'a la clau segonda
Per qe·l segner, so·us afin,
Porta capel cornut conin,
C'ab sol un empeut redonda
Si donz, lo ditz Marcabrus.

E non puesc mudar non gronda
Del vostre dan moillerzin,
E pos res non reman per mi
Si l'us pela l'autre tonda
E reuerc contra raus.

Que·l vostre domneis sobronda
E sembla joc azenin
E de loc en loc ris canin
E qer com Dieus lo confonda
Qi sobre tot be vol plus.

Se·l segnorius de Gironda
Poia, encar poiara plus,

Ab qe pense com confonda
Paias, so·ilh manda Jhezus.

I am happy when the wave is cleared,
and each bird in the garden
rejoices in its own language.
and singing rings through their beaks,
but I compose better than anyone else.

For the gay science
taught me to praise the day
at sunset and the host in the morning,
not to answer every fool
and not loiter along with a loiterer.

For Cowardice ebbs
as the wave on the sea,
which is why I check on my neighbor
and, certainly, I don't want him humming
that for which they call me a cuckold.

Envy never will be
satiated, until the end
nor will Greed, either,
for the envious and greedy
go back and forth to their downfall.

Nor do I think that Malice
hides: for sure, in full pomp,
the rich already follow its train
and, when Cowardice struts,
it carries Malice on its arse.

It is hardly shameless,
whoring of the highest caliber,
but certainly welcomes
a cursed dwarf baboon, for it works,
often, whoever may complain.

Because he has his second key,
which is why the master of the house, I assure you,
wears a horned hat, courtesy of cunt
because it is only through a graft that his lady['s tummy]
swells, so says Marcabru.

And I cannot help but scold
the damage women cause you.
And since no one stops on my advice,
if one peels, let the other shave
and turn against blame.

For your womanizing overflows
and resembles the game of the donkey,
(sometimes the laughter of dogs)
and may God, who wants the best
above all, confound it!

If the Lordship of Gironda
rises, it will rise even more,

provided that he takes care to confuse the heathen.
This, Jesus commands.