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Dirai vos senes duptansa
D'aquest vers la comensansa!
Li mot fan de ver semblansa!
Qui ves Proeza balansa
Semblansa fai de malvatz.

Jovens faill e fraing e brisa,
Et Amors es d'aital guisa
De totz cessals a ces prisa,
Chascus en pren sa devisa,
Ja pois no·n sera cuitatz.

Amors vai com la belluja
Que coa·l fuec en la suja
Art lo fust e la festuja,
E non sap vas qual part fuja
Cel qui del fuec es gastatz.

Dirai vos d'Amor com signa!
De sai guarda, de lai guigna,
Sai baiza, de lai rechigna,
Plus sera dreicha que ligna
Quand ieu serai sos privatz.

Amors soli' esser drecha,
Mas er'es torta e brecha
Et a coillida tal decha
Lai ou non pot mordre, lecha
Plus aspramens no fai chatz.

Greu sera mais Amors vera
Pos del mel triet la cera
Anz sap si pelar la pera!
Doussa'us er com chans de lera
Si sol la coa·l troncatz.

Ab diables pren barata
Qui fals' Amor acoata,
No·il cal c'autra verga·l bata!
Plus non sent que cel qui·s grata
Tro que s'es vius escorjatz.

Amors es mout de mal avi!
Mil homes a mortz ses glavi,
Dieus non fetz tant fort gramavi!
Que tot nesci del plus savi
Non fassa, si·l ten al latz.

Amors a uzatge d'ega
Que tot jorn vol c'om la sega
E ditz que no·l dara trega
Mas que puej de leg'en lega,
Sia dejus o disnatz.

Cujatz vos qu'ieu non conosca
D'Amor s'es orba o losca
Sos digz aplan'et entosca,
Plus suau poing qu'una mosca
Mas plus greu n'es hom sanatz.

Qui per sen de femna reigna
Dreitz es que mals li·n aveigna,
Si cum la letra·ns enseigna!
Malaventura·us en veigna
Si tuich no vos en gardatz

Marcabrus, fills Marcabruna,
Fo engenratz en tal luna
Qu'el sap d'Amor cum degruna,
Quez anc non amet neguna,
Ni d'autra non fo amatz.

I will tell you without hesitation
the beginning of this piece:
the words have the appearance of truth!
He who hesitates in front of Prowess
has the appearance a twisted man

Youth is decayed, ruined, broken
and Love is in such a way
as to extol a fee from all in its power.
Everyone should do his part,
and, afterwards, he won't be exempted.

Love acts like the spark
that smoulders in the fire's soot
then burns the wood and straw
and then he does not know where to flee,
who is consumed by fire.

I'll tell you how Love acts:
on one side, it looks and, on the other, it signals;
here, it kisses, there, it grins.
It will be straighter than an arrow
when I'm its confident.

Love used to be straight,
but, today, it is twisted and chipped
and has taken up the habit
that, where it can't bite, it licks
[with a] rougher [tongue] than a cat['s].

Love will hardly be sincere again
since the day when it was able to separate the honey from the wax;
rather, it knows well how to peel the pear!
He is sweet to you as song of lyre
only if you cut its tail.

He is dealing with the devil
who covets false love:
he doesn't need another rod to strike him!
He doesn't feel more than if he were scratching himself
until he is skinned alive.

Love is of detestable lineage:
he killed a thousands of men without a sword.
God did not create a more fearsome enchanter!
It wouldn't make more of a fool from the wise
if he held him in a leash.

Love behaves like the mare
that wants one to follow it all day
and says it will not give respite
but [wants to] be mounted, mile after mile,
whether you are starving or sated.

Do you think I don't know
whether Love is blind or shady?
His words are soothing with poison!
his sting is gentler than a gadfly's
but more difficult to cure.

He who acts after the sense of a woman
deserves all the ills that may befall him,
as the Scripture teaches us!
Woe to you
if you do not guard yourself from it completely!

Marcabru, son of Marcabruna
was conceived under such a moon
that he knows how love crumbles,
for he never loved a woman
nor was he ever loved by another.

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