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Doas cuidas ai compaignier
Que·m donon joi e destorbier,
Per la bona cuida m'esjau
E per l'avol sui aburzitz!
D'aital cuidar
Doutz et amar
Es totz lo segles replenitz,
Si qu'ieu for' ab los esmaitz
Si tant no saubes ben e mau.

En dos cuidars ai conssirier
A triar lo frait de l'entier,
Be·l teing per devin naturau
Qui de cuit conoisser es guitz!
De fol cuidar
No·m sai gardar,
Que s'ieu cuich esser de bon fiz
E·l fols m'en bruig long los auzitz,
E·m tornaran d'amon d'avau.

La uostra cuida, soudadier,
Fai eluschar los bals Gaifier
Qu'envis si balans' enegau
La cuid'e·l prometres faillitz!
Nostre cuidar
Fai desviar
Lo mons don issic la soritz,
C'aissi vei los rics sordezitz,
C'un pro contra donar non au.

Ai fo natz e bateiatz ier
Cil qui·m cuiet far enconbrier
Als vezis man que jes no·l lau
Can cuia contrafar soritz,
Que per cuidar
Cuich esser bar
La cuid'es long' e·l faitz blasitz,
Car de folla cuid' eis fols critz,
Leu notz a presen et a frau.

Cuiador d'amor volatgier
Son de folla cuida mainier,
Qu'en mil no·n trob una corau
D'aqestas amors cuidairitz,
Pero cuidar
Non dei blasmar
Del tot, que Jovens for' aunitz!
Si cuiars d'Amor fos oblitz
Jois fora tombatz en canau.

Moillerat cuidan volontier
E seguentre·l vin e·l sabrier
Mouta folla cuida esgau,
Per que·l segles deven mestitz!
Tals vol cuidar
En bona part,
Non enten que Marcabrus ditz
Que femnas et enfans petitz
Ant una menda comunau.

Dompnas follas de fol mestier
Son per cuit e fol cavallier,
Paubr' orgoillos de cuida brau
Acolza Dieus acaitivitz
C'anc per cuidar
Non vim granar
La cima plus que la razitz!
Qu'en bona cuid'es hom peritz
Si mieiller obra no·i abau.

Cuidan s'en van lo tort sentier
Siulan tavan per esparvier
E laisson la dreita carrau
Per lo conseill dels garaignitz
Que fant cuidar
Al ric avar
So don Jovens es marchezitz,
E Jois es entre·ls francs faillitz,
Tornatz de Basan en Bertau.

I have two thoughts for company
that give me joy and trouble:
I rejoice because of the good one
and I am wretched because of the bad one.
By such a bittersweet
the world entire world is filled,
so I'd be among the clueless
if I didn't know good from bad so well.

I pursue two lines of thought,
separate the part from the whole.
I consider a natural mystic
him who can guide us to know [our] thought[s]!
I don't know how to keep myself
from foolish thoughts
because, if I think I am thinking straight,
foolishness just comes rustling in my ears
and I fall from high to low.

Your thinking, mercenaries,
makes Gaifier's dances lose their balance,
for intention and empty promise
don't match each other, in spite of them.
Our thoughts
are warped
by the mountain which gave birth to the mouse,
which is how I see the rich decay,
for I did not hear [a single] one come give bountifully.

Alas! He was born and baptized yesterday
who thought he'd put hurdles in my way!
I let my neighbours know that I disapprove,
when he thinks of acting like a mouse;
and he who, in his thoughts
fancies himself a baron
has thoughts that are far-fetched and acts that lead nowhere,
for foolish thought engenders foolish rumours
and these easily harm, either openly or in secret.

Those who think of adulterous love
are the victims of a foolish fantasy,
because I can't find a sincere one in a thousand
of these dreamy loves;
but I should not
lay the blame
entirely, because Youth would be hated!
And if thoughts of love were put into oblivion,
Joy would be dead in a ditch.

Married people fantasize easily
and, after wine and pretzels,
many foolish thoughts haunt [them],
through which the world becomes base.
One fancies himself thinking
very clearly
but does not understand what Marcabru says,
that women and children
have a common bias.

Ladies are crazy with foolish desires,
knights are foolish because of fantasies:
[because of them] the proud poor have gone wild.
May God welcome these unfortunate!
Because facts of thought
we never saw turning green
at the top more than they do at the root.
For, with a good thought, a man can die,
if it isn't supported by an even better work.

Thinking, they follow the crooked path,
whistling to a horsefly as if it were a goshawk,
and leave the straight path
following the advice of stingy people
who inspire,
in the rich miser,
that through which Youth is withered,
and Joy bankrupt among earnest men
and fallen from Bazan to Bertaut.