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Bel m'es quan la fuelh' ufana
En l'auta branquilha
E·l rossinholets s'afana
Desotz la ramilha
Que·l platz frims, a la luguana,
Del chant que grezilha.

Quecx auzels quez a votz sana
De chantar s'atilha,
E s'esforsa si la rana
Lonc la fontanilha,
E·l chauans ab sa chauana,
S'als non pot, grondilha.

Sesta creatura vana
D'amor s'aparilha,
Lur joys sec la via plana
E·l nostre bruzilha!
Quar nos, qui plus pot enguana,
Per qu'usquecx buzilha.

Volpils lengua traversana
Qu'a lairo cossilha,
Ab sa messorgua baussana
Desert' ez essilha,
So per qu'amor segurana
Non truep ses ruylha.

Jovens feuney' e trefana
E Donars becilha,
Saubud' es causa certana
Que Valors guancilha,
E Maluestatz va sobrana
La mair' e la filha.

Pieger es que gualiana
Amors que guespilha,
Cruzels cozens e baiana
Calens e frezilha
Quar molt tratz mal e safrana
Selhuy cui estrilha.

Sist falsa gent crestiana
Qu'en crim pec fremilha,
A la fi ves Corrossana
Vira l'escobilha,
Que·l baptismes de Jordana
Lur notz e·ls perilha.

I love when the leaf seems proud
in the high, small branch
and the nightingale gets busy
under the twigs
as it enjoys, in the moonlight, to vibrate
its sparkling song.

Each bird with a healthy voice
prepares to sing;
the frog, too, makes an effort
along the fountain,
and the owl with his owless,
if he can't do anything else, grumbles.

These simple creatures
mate out of love;
their joy follows the easy path
while ours is shaky
because we deceive as much as we can,
so that each of us screws up.

The rogue with her sharp tongue,
who gives advice to a thief,
with her deceitful lies,
overthrows and destroys,
which is why I can't find a love
that is safe and without rust.

Youth is treacherous and mocking
and Largesse totters;
it is known, as a sure thing,
that Valour teeters
and Malice becomes sovereign,
both mother and daughter.

A love that teases
is worse than whoring;
it is cruel, burning and treacherous,
too hot and too cold,
which is why he gets great ills and jaundice,
who is curried by it.

These false Christian people,
quivering in senseless crime,
turn, in the end, their broom
towards Khorasan,
for a baptism in the Jordan
harms and imperils them.