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Emperaire per vostre prez
E per la proeza q'avez
Sui a vos venguz, zo sabez,
E no m'en dei ges penedir.

Meillz m'en degra lo pels sezer
Car chai vinc vostra cort vezer,
Q'eu farai loing e pres saber
Lo joi que vos es a venir.

S'anc per vos demenei orgoill
Tot m'es tornat en autre fuoill,
Qe tals mena bon fait en l'uoill
Qe no s'en auza descobrir.

Qi·l sap bon q'eu sui tant poinenz
Als malvats et als recredenz,
Per qe n'a serradas las denz
E non ausa lo criz eissir

Emperaire, si ben enquers,
Lo reprovers es fis e mers:
Ço qe dons dona e plora sers
Las lacrimas devon perir.

S'eu me faill al vostre donar
Jamais a gorc qu'auza lauzar
Non ira Marcabruns pescar
C'ades cuidaria faillir.

Per aqella fe q'eu vos dei,
Anc mes emperador ni rei
Non agron tal merchat de mei,
Con vos, e Dieus m'en lais jauzir.

Emperairiz, pregaz per mei,
Qu'eu farai vostre prez richir.

Emperor, it is because of your virtue
and of the prowess that you have
that I have come to you: you know that,
and, certainly, I don't have to regret it.

My hair should look better
because I came here to see your court,
so that I'll make known, far and wide,
the joy that your future holds.

If I ever, through you, burst of pride,
I've turned that page completely,
because somebody has a good deed in his sight
who doesn't dare reveal it.

He who is pleased to see me so acrid
towards the bad and the indolent,
why does he keep his mouth shut
and doesn't dare utter the cry?

Emperor, if you really think about it,
this adage is true and deserving:
"That which a lord gives and a serf bemoans
is crying over spilt milk."

If your generosity fails me,
never will Marcabru go fishing
in a pond he means to praise,
because he'd think, right away, that he'd fail.

By the faith I owe you,
never emperor or king
had me at such a bargain price
as you do, and may God let me enjoy it!

Empress, pray for me,
for I will extol your virtue.