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Estornel, cueill ta volada:
Deman, ab la matinada,
Iras m'en un' encontrada,
On cugei aver amia!
E veiras
Per que vas!
Comtar l'as
E·ill diras
En eis pas
Per que se traslia.

No sai s'aissi·s fo fadada
Que no m'am e si' amada!
C'ab una sola vegada
Fora grans la matinia,
Si·ll plagues
Ni volgues
Qu'o fezes!
Per un mes
N'agra tres,
Aqui es
De sa companhia.

Ai com es encabalada
La falsa razos daurada,
Denan totas vai triada!
Va ben es fols qui s'i fia,
De sos datz
C'a plombatz
Vos gardatz,
N'a assatz,
So sapchatz,
E mes en la via.

Per semblant es veziada,
Plus que veilla volps cassada!
L'autrier mi fetz far la bada
Tota nueg entruesc' al dia.
Sos talans
Es volans
Ab enguans!
Mas us chans
Fa·n enfans
De lor felonia.

Selui fadet gentils fada
A cui fo s'amors donada!
No fo tals crestianada
De sai lo peiron Elia!
Vol' e vai
Tot dreit lai,
E·l retrai
Qu'ieu morrai,
Si no sai
Consi jai
Nuda o vestia.

Sa beutatz fon ab leis nada
Ses fum de creis ni d'erbada!
De mil amicx es cazada
E de mil senhors amia.
Ditz que l'us
Non es clus!
Bad e mus
Qui·ll vol plus
C'a raus
Part de la fraia.

De fin' amor dezirada
Az una flor pic vairada
Plus que d'autruna pauzada.
Paucs fols fai tost gran folia.
Perdo·l grat
De l'abat
Saint Privat!
M'ai pensat
Ses cujat
Si·m ditz: mat,
Que l'amors embria.

Del deslei
Que me fei
Li fauc drei,
E·il m'autrei,
Mas sotz mei
Aplat sei,
Qu'ela·m lass' e·m lia.

Starling-poem, take your flight:
tomorrow, in the morning,
you'll go to a land
where I thought I had a lady friend!
You will find
and see
why you go!
You'll have her recount
and you will tell her,
at the same time,
why she perjures.

I do not know if she was charmed so
that she does not love me and still is loved.
With a single meeting,
the morning would be great,
if it were her pleasure
and she wanted
to do it!
For a month
I'd give three:
so it is
to be in her company.

Alas! How it is powerful
the false, gilded argument:
she is unmatched in front of all others!
He is a fool who trusts her!
Her dice,
which she has loaded,
because she has deceived
many with them,
I tell you,
and thrown them on the road.

She seems to be wilier
than an old hunted fox;
the other day, she made me stand in wait
all night, until morning.
Her desire
is fickle
and deceitful;
but there's a song
kids make
to censure
their own [?] felony.

A kind fairy gifted him
to whom her love was given!
Such a woman wasn't baptized
since the times of the prophet Elijah.
Fly and go
straight there
and tell her
that I will die
if I don't know
how she sleeps,
naked or dressed.

Her beauty was born with her,
without perfumes of cress or of grass.
She is surrounded by a thousand suitors
and the lover of a thousand lords.
said that the door
isn't closed.
Let him gape and muse,
who wants her most:
with great fracas,
he parts from her entourage.

Desired with noble love,
she has a colourful flower
in a better place than any other.
The little fool soon commits a great folly.
I forgive her the favour
of the Abbot
of Saint-Privat.
I have thought to myself,
without much consideration,
that, if she told me "mat",
love would draw near[er].

For the perjury
she committed against me
I don't press charges
and I submit to her
as long as, beneath me,
she would lie
and embrace and hug me.