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L'autrier, a l'issida d'abriu,
En uns pasturaus lonc un riu,
Et ab lo comens d'un chantiu
Que fant l'auzeill per alegrar,
Auzi la votz d'un pastoriu
Ab una mancipa chantar.

Trobei la sotz un fau ombriu:
"Bella, fich m'ieu, pois Jois reviu
. . . . . . . . . . . .-iu
Ben nos devem apareillar.
-- non devem, don, que d'als pensiu
Ai mon coratg' e mon affar.

--Digatz, bella, del pens cum vai
On vostre coratges estai
--A ma fe, don, ieu vos dirai,
S'aisi es vers cum aug comtar,
Pretz e Jovens e Jois dechai
C'om en autre no·is pot fiar.

D'autra manieira cogossos,
Hi a rics homes e baros
Qui las enserron dinz maios
Qu'estrains non i posca intrar
E tenon guirbautz als tisos
Cui las comandon a gardar.

E segon que ditz Salamos,
Non podon cill pejors lairos
Acuillir d'aquels compaignos
Qui fant la noirim cogular,
Et aplanon los guirbaudos
E cujon lor fills piadar.

The other day, at the beginning of April,
in a pasture along a stream
and at the beginning of a song
that the birds make, out of joy,
I heard the voice of a little shepherd
singing with a young girl.

I found her under a shady beech.
"Beautiful, I said, since Joy lives again,
. . . . . . . . . . . .
we should become an item."
"Sir, we shouldn't, because in other thoughts
are my heart and my plans."

"Say, beautiful, which thoughts
run around in your heart?"
"By my faith, Sir, I'll tell you,
if it is true, as I hear,
that Virtue, Joy and Youth decay,
and one can't trust in others.

It's in a novel way that they cuckold husbands:
there are powerful men and barons
who lock [their wives] in their houses
so that a stranger can't enter them:
and keep, by the embers, ruffians
with orders to guard them.

And, according to Solomon,
they can't entertain worse thieves
than these companions
who bastardize the race;
and they pet the little ruffians
and think they are consoling their own sons."

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