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Al departir del brau tempier,
Quan per la branca pueja·l sucs
Don reviu la genest'e·l brucx
E floreysson li presseguier
E la rana chant' el vivier
E brota·l sauzes e·l saucx,
Contra·l termini qu'es yssucs
Suy d'un vers far en cossirier.

Cossiros suy d'un gran vergier
Ont a de belhs plansos mans lucs!
Gent sont l'empeut e·l frugs bacucs,
Selh qu'esser degran sordegier,
Fuelhs e flors paron de pomier,
Son al fruchar sautz'e saucs,
E pus lo caps es badalucs,
Dolens son li membr' estremier.

Mortz son li bon arbre primier,
E·ls vius son ramils e festucs,
Dels fortz assays los vey damnucx,
Mas de bordir son fazendiers,
De promessas son bobansiers,
Al rendre sauzes e saucx,
Don los claman flacs e baudux
Ieu e tug l'autre soudadier.

Quan son la nueg josta·l foguier
N'Esteves, en Constans, en Ucs
. . . . . . . . . . . .
Mais que Berartz de Monleydier!
Tota nueg joston a doblier,
El jorn a l'ombra dels saucx
Auziriatz nausas e bauducx
E doblar entr'els l'escaquiers.

Doncx no pairejon li derrier!
En totz bos sens ab los faducs,
E log si Cozer' e Sarlux
Valon Toloz' e Monpeslier
Qu'ieu sai quals mortz foron primier
E·l mais dels vius son vers saucx,
E podetz dir qu'es benastrucx
Qui troba laur ni olivier.

Neys l'ortolas ab lo clavier,
Jos ab un vent, s'en fuy huelhs cucx,
Per esclavina e per trabucx
An laissat mantelh e caussier.
Ni ren non ai del estagier.
Tal hira·m fan sautz' e saucx!
Si no·ls ten reys o coms o ducx
Totz temps seran mais caminier.

Los pros sal Dieus qu'an pretz entier,
Que·ls rics malvatz paron saucx,
Per que·l segles es badalucx,
Don malavey'e desturbier.

At the end of the cold season,
when, along the branch, surges the sap
that revives the broom and heather,
when the peach trees blossom
and the frog sings in the pool,
and the willow and elder grow,
as I see the dry months come,
I am concerning myself with writing a piece.

I concern myself with a large orchard
where there are beautiful saplings in many places:
the grafts are large and the fruit fleshy
on those that should be the worst,
the and blossoms look like those of apples,
but, when the fruit comes, it is nothing but willow and elder,
and, since the head is empty
the members at the ends are in pain.

The good original trees are dead,
and the living are twigs and straws,
valiant feats are forbidden to them, as I see,
but they are eager to joust,
they are prodigal of promises
but, when it comes to keeping them, they are as empty as willows and elders,
so we call them feeble and tiresome,
all the other mercenaries and me.

When they are, at night, by the fireplace,
Sir Esteve, Sir Constant, Sir Hugh,
. . . . . . . . . . . .
more than Bérard of Mondidier!
All night, they throw empty boasting around
and, during the day, in the shade of elders,
you would hear them making noise and hassle
and surpass each other in bragging.

So the last [live trees] do not resemble their fathers
in all their good side, but they are among the scoundrels.
Are Cazèr·s and Sarlux maybe
worth Tolosa and Montpelhièr?
For I know which great dead were the first;
the greatest among the living are real elders,
and you can tell he is lucky
who found [among them] laurel and olive trees.

And even the gardener and porter
flee as blown away by the wind, eyes closed,
for the sake of smock and slippers,
they [the last offspring] have abandoned cloak and boots.
And I have nothing to get from the [new] tenant [of the orchard].
How angry do willow and elder make me!
If king, count or duke doesn't·support them
at this point, they'll be tramps forever.

God save the brave whose virtue is whole
because the wicked rich resemble elders:
for the world is vain
and flounders in this idleness.