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Hueymais dey esser alegrans
Pus l'aura doussa vey venir
Et auch lays e voutas e chans
Dels auzelhs que·m fan esbaudir!
Lo gens temps me fai alegrar,
Mas per Joven me desconort
Quar totz jorns lo vey sordeyar.

D'una ren suy meravelhans
Qu'ades vey granar e florir
Escassetatz, oc et Enjans:
Vas qualque part me torn ni·m vir
Cortezia ni Bel Estar
Ni Pretz ni Valor ni Deport
Vas nulha part no vey renhar.

Ist lauzengier, lenguas trencans
Cuy Dieus cofonda et azir,
Meton Proeza en balans
E fan Malvestat enantir!
Mais als pros dic e vuelh pregar
Que ja us ab elhs no·s n'acort
Si en proeza vol estar.

Eyssamens son domnas trichans
E sabon trichar e mentir,
Per que fan los autrus enfans
Als maritz tener e noyrir!
D'aqui naisso·l malvat avar
Qu'us non ama Joy ni Deport
Ni n'auza hom entr'elhs parlar.

Ja Dieus no·l sia perdonans
Qui las vol onrar ni servir,
Estas putas ardens cremans
Pejors que ieu no·us saubra dir!
Tan lor sap bo lo clau copar,
Que non hi guardon dreg ni tort,
Mas selh que mielhs las sap ronsar

Qui anc fon prezats ni amans
Per dompnas, ben s'en deu gequir
Qu'aytan s'en aura us truans
O mais, si mais li post bastir!
Et ieu poiri'o ben proar
Per ma domna na Cropa fort
Mas ja no la vuelh decelar.

Messatges cortes, ben parlans,
Vai t'en en Urgel ses falhir,
E sias del vers despleyans
A'n Cabrieira, que lo remir,
E potz li dir senes gabar
Qu'en tal loc ai tornat ma sort
On elh poiria pro muzar.

Now I should be glad,
because I see the gentle breeze coming
and I hear the lais, roulades and songs
of the birds, which make my heart rejoice.
The mild season makes me happy
but I despair of Youth,
for I see it debased every day.

I am amazed by one thing:
that, now, I see graining and flourishing
Pettiness, yes, and Deceit:
whichever way I turn,
I cannot see, anywhere, Courtesy
nor Beautiful Manners, Virtue
nor Valour nor Disport reign.

These slanderers, with sharp tongues,
may god confuse and hate them,
keep Prowess struggling
and advance Malice!
But I say to the brave, and I want to preach
that none of them make a truce with these people,
if they want to keep Prowess.

Likewise, the ladies are treacherous
and know how to trick and deceive,
with which they make their husbands
keep and feed other people's children.
Hence arise the detestable misers,
of which not one likes Joy or Disport,
nor anyone dares speak in their midst.

May god never forgive him
who wants to honour and serve
these hot, fervid whores,
worse than I could express!
They like to have the peg inside so much
that they don't look for right or wrong
but only for the one who knows how to pound them best.

Whoever was loving and prized
by ladies, should rather give it up,
for a knave will get the same
or more, if more he needs.
And I might prove it well
by my lady, Dame Strong-Bum,
but I don't want to expose her.

Courteous, well-spoken messenger,
go to Urgel without failing
and display this piece
in front of sir Cabriera, for him to admire.
And then tell him, without boasting,
that I have turned my luck in such a place
where he himself could wait a long time in vain.