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Per l'aura freida que guida
L'invern qu'es tant plens d'iror,
L'auzeill qu'us no·n brai ni·n crida
Sotz foilla ni per verdor,
Car l'estiu, a bell' aizida
Mesclon lor joia certana.

Non auch chant ni retentida
Ni non vei brondel ab flor,
Empero si ai auzida
Una estraigna clamor,
De Joi que·is plaing, ses ufana,
Cui Malvestatz disciplina.

Proeza es forbandida,
E son malvatz li meillor!
Lonc temps auran cossentida
Els maritz lor desonor,
Als acropitz lenguas planas
Torbadors d'amistat fina.

D'entre dompnas es fugida
Vergoigna e non sai cor!
Las plus ant coa forbida
E mes lo segl' en error,
Mas lor semensa frairina
Geta malvatz fruit quan grana.

Drudari' es trassaillida
E creis Putia s'onor,
E·il moillerat l'ant sazida
E so·is fait dompnejador!
Tant m'es bel quand us s'en vana
Cum de can quant prist farina.

Tant cum Marcabrus ac vida,
Us non ac ab lui amor
D'aicella gen descauzida,
Que son malvatz donador,
Mesclador d'avol doctrina
Per Frans' e per Guiana.

N'Amfos, ab patz segurana
Que tengua, Valors l'aclina.

Because of the cold wind that guides
the raging Winter,
not one of the birds yells or shouts
under the leaves or through the greenery,
for it is the Summer, with its great cheerfulness,
that they entwine with their certain joy.

I hear neither song nor chirping
and I don't see a twig with flowers,
but I have heard
a strange rumour,
about Joy, who grieves, without exaggeration,
the constraint imposed by Wickedness.

Prowess is banned
and the wicked are [considered] the best;
long will they have conceded,
with [?] their husbands, the dishonour
to the sharp-tongued crooked ones
who disrupt a noble friendship.

From among the ladies, modesty
has fled and it isn't here it runs.
Most have primped their cunt
and drive the world into error,
but their vile seed
sprouts rotten grains when it bears fruit.

Complicity has gone too far,
Whoring acquires further honours
and married men have seized it
and have become womanizers:
I like hearing one of them brag about it
as much as seeing a dog knead flour.

As long as Marcabru lived,
there was no love lost between him
and those discredited people,
who are bad at giving
and propagate a false doctrine
in France and Guianna.

As long as lord Alfonso maintains
assured peace, Valour bows before him.