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Pus s'enfulleysson li verjan
E·l glaujols de lonc lo riu blan,
Qui que paus, ieu pes e cossir
De moutas cauzas a sobriers,
Segon natura et estiers,
De qu'auzem lo poble brugir.

Pus la cogossia s'espan
E l'us cogos l'autre non blan,
Laissem los anar e venir.
Cuy cal quals que chaps an primiers
Qu'ieu non daria dos deniers
Per lor mesclanhas devezir.

Qu'aissi·s vai lo pretz menuzan
E·l folhatges hieis de garan,
Non puesc, sols, lo fuec escantir
Dels seglejadors ufaniers,
Qui fan los criminals dobliers,
Pejors que no·us aus descobrir.

Las baratairitz baratan,
Frienz del barat corbaran,
Que fan Pretz e Joven delir,
Baraton ab los baratiers
Fundens qu'estiers lor deziriers
No·m podon celar de frezir.

E s'ieu cug anar castian
La lor folhia, quier mon dan!
Pueys s'es pauc prezat si·m n'azir,
Semenan vau mos castiers
De sobre·ls naturals rochiers
Que no vey granar ni florir.

S'anc fui de la mus' en afan,
Lo musatg' ai rendut musan,
Tro per aillor non puosc' issir.
Tans n'i vei dels contraclaviers,
Greu sai remanra conz entiers
A crebar ni a meich partir.

A Dieu m'autrey, quo·s pot fisan,
Lo segle cazen e levan
Mas a tart mi vuelh penedir,
Pero si·n suy plus viausiers
Que chatz o mostre·l reprobiers
Cuy lo savis fetz lon...-ir

Qu'aissi va ...-an
Del tot uol... -ir
Elhas els fal... -iers
No sia coaze...-iers
...del aculhir.

Si non foss . . . . . . . . -an
Ricx fora, prenden e donan,
Mas de luenh m'an fayt magrezir,
Ja mai non lur serai guerriers,
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Que no·m puesc la guerra sofrir.

Since the orchards sprout leaves
as does the gladiolus, along the white creek,
rest who will: I think and consider
many important things,
natural and otherwise,
we hear people whispering about.

Since cuckoldry spreads
and one cuckold does not flatter the other,
let's let them come and go.
Who cares to know which head shows first? [?]
Because I wouldn't give two pennies
to resolve their embroils.

For, this way, virtue keeps dimming
and folly gets out of bounds.
Alone, I can't dampen the fire
of the worldly dandies
who make the criminal doubly so,
worse than I dare recount.

The she-barterers, bartering
will exchange delicacies by barter.
They drive Virtue and Youth to ruin,
they barter with the he-barterers,
melting, because, in spite of their desires,
they can't conceal from me that they are freezing.

And if I think I'm censuring
their folly, I look for trouble!
Since my anger is hardly cared for,
I go sowing my grievances
on natural rocks,
since I see no grain or flower grow [of them].

If I ever was troubled by a long wait,
I have spent the wait waiting
until she [?] had nowhere else to turn.
I see so many people here with matching keys
that there will hardly remain a whole cunt
to be broken in or to be shared in half.

I give myself to God: how can one trust
this world which falls and rises?
Belatedly, I want to repent,
but if I'm being more confident
than fallen ones and reprobates
to whom the wise [...].

This way...
wants, completely [?]...
...of receiving.

If it weren't that....
I would be rich, taking and giving,
but they have thinned me out from afar;
I will never be their adversary
because I can't endure the war.