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Al son desviat, chantaire,
Veirai si puosc un vers faire
De fals' Amistat menuda,
C'aissi leu pren e refuda,
Puois sai ven e lai mercada,
E morrai si no·m n'esclaire.

Cest' amors sap engan faire,
Ab engan ses aigua raire,
Puois, quand l'a ras, se remuda
E quier autrui cui saluda,
A cui es douss'e privada,
Tant que·l fols deven musaire.

Non puosc dompnas trobar gaire
Que blanch' amistatz no·i vaire,
A presen o a saubuda
N'aja vergoingna perduda,
Si que la meins afrontada
N'a laissat cazer un caire.

Moillerat, per saint Ylaire,
Son d'una foldat confraire,
Qu'entr'els es guerra moguda
Tals que cornutz fa cornuda,
E cogotz copatz copada.
Puois eis la coa de braire.

Tals cuid'esser ben gardaire
De la so' e de l'autrui laire,
C'atretals es devenguda
D'aicel de sai que la cuda!
Si l'us musa, l'autre bada
E ieu sui del dich pechaire.

De nien sui chastiaire
E de foudat sermonaire,
Car puois la flam'es nascuda
Del fol drut e de la druda,
Si·l fols art per l'abrasada,
Non sui mal meire ni laire.

Tant cant bos Jovens fon paire
Del segle e fin' Amors maire,
Fon Proeza mantenguda
A celat et a saubuda,
Mas er l'ant avilanada
Duc e rei et emperaire.

Qu'ieu sui assatz esprovaire,
Deffendens et enquistaire,
E vei cum Jovens se tuda,
Per que Amors es perduda
E de Joi deseretada
E cum Amors es cujaire.

L'amors don ieu sui mostraire
Nasquet en un gentil aire,
E·l luocs on ill es creguda
Es claus de rama branchuda
E de chaut e de gelada,
Qu'estrains no l'en puosca traire.

Desirat per desiraire
A nom qui.n vol Amor traire.

On a loaned tune, singing,
I'll see if I can write a piece
about false small friendship
that takes as easily as it rejects,
then, here it sells and there it buys,
and I will burst if I don't clarify this point.

This love can be misleading,
shave, with its deception, without water,
then, when it has shaved him, it moves on,
it seeks another person to greet,
one to whom it is sweet and familiar,
so much that the fool wastes his time.

I can hardly find women
whose candid friendship doesn't tarnish
and, openly or to everybody's knowledge,
haven't lost all shame
so that the least cheeky
has allowed one corner of it to slip.

The wedded, by saint Hilary,
are all brothers in one folly,
that such a war is declared amongst them
that a man with horns shall give his wife a pair
and the cheated cuckold cheats on his wife:
then he is done railing.

One thinks he is a good guardian
of his [wife] and the thief of others',
but she acts the same way with respect
to the one who covers her.
If one idles, the another yawns,
and I sin by saying so.

I do not chastise anything,
nor do I preach madness,
for, once the flame is lit
between mad lover and lover,
if a fool burns for the glowing woman,
I'm not blameworthy or thief.

For as long as Fair Youth was the father
of the world and Noble Love its mother,
Prowess was kept,
secretly and openly.
But now it has been debased
by dukes, kings and emperors.

Because I'm enough of a witness,
defendant and investigator,
and I see how Youth fades:
it is because Love is lost,
and bereaved of Joy
and [I see] how Love is pensive.

The love that I envision
was born in a noble dwelling,
and the place where it has grown
is protected by branching boughs
from heat and from frost
and from being torn away by a stranger.

And he who wants to tear Love from there
is dubbed Desired instead of Desiring.