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Amics Marchabrun, car digam
Un vers d'Amor, que per cor am
Q'a l'hora qe nos partiram
En sia loing lo chanz auziz.

Ugo Catola, er fazam,
Mas de faus' amistat me clam,
Q'anc pos la serps baisset lo ram
No foron tant enganairiz.

Marcabrun, ço no m'es pas bon
Qe d'Amor digaz si ben non!
Per zo·us en mou e[u] la tenson,
Qe d'Amor fui naz e noiriz.

Catola, non entenz razon,
Non saps d'Amor cum trais Samson?
Vos cuidaz e'ill autre bricon
Qe tot sia vers quant vos diz.

Marcabrun, no·s troban auctor
De Sanso·l fort e de sa'uxor
Q'ela n'avia ostat s'amor
A l'ora que ce fo deliz.

Catola, qar a sordejor
La det e la tolc al meillor,
Lo dia perdet sa valor,
Qe'l seus fo per l'estraing traiz.

Marcabrun, si cum declinaz
Qu'Amors si' ab engan mesclaz,
Dunc es lo almosna pechaz,
La cima devers la raiz

Catola, l'Amors dont parlaz
Camja cubertament los daz,
Aprop lo bon lanz vos gardaz,
Co diz Salomons e Daviz.

Marcabrun, amistaz dechai,
Car a trobat Joven savai!
Eu n'ai al cor ir' et esclai,
Qar l'en a levaz tan laiz criz.

Catola, Ovides mostra chai
E l'ambladura o retrai
Que non soana brun ni bai,
Anz se trai plus aus achaiz.

Marchabrun, anc non cuit t'ames
L'Amors, ves cui es tant engres,
Ni no fo anc res meinz prezes
D'aitals joglars esbaluiz.

Catola, anc de ren non fo pres
Un pas, que tost no s'en loignes,
Et enquer s'en loingna ades,
E fera, tro seaz feniz.

Marcabrun, quant sui las e·m duoill,
E ma bon'amia m'acuoill
Ab un baisar, quant me despuoill,
M'en vau sans e saus e garitz.

Catola, per amor deu truoill
Tressaill l'avers al fol lo suoill,
E puois mostra la via a l'uoill
Aprop los autres escharniz.

Marcabru, my friend, let's compose
a love poem, for I've set my heart to that,
by the time we part,
its tune be heard far away.

Uc Catola, let's do it
but I accuse you of false friendship
for, ever since the serpent lowered the branch [to Eve],
there haven't been as many deceitful women.

Marcabru, it doesn't please me
that you say anything but good about Love!
I begin this tenso
because Love gave me life and raised me.

Catola, you don't listen to reason.
Don't you know how Love betrayed Samson?
You and the other suckers,
do you think that everything [love] tells you is true?

Marcabru, we do not find people who say,
about the strong Samson and his wife,
that she had removed her Love
at the time his life ran out.

Catola it's to the worst
she gave [her love] and took it away from the best
and lost her worth the day
her husband was betrayed for the foreigner.

Marcabru, since you imply
that Love is mixed with deception,
is almsgiving sin
and the top below the root?

Catola, the Love you talk about
secretly changes the dice.
Stop after a good roll,
say Solomon and David.

Marcabru, Friendship decays
because it has found Youth uncouth!
I have anger and revulsion in my heart
because it has caused such ugly cries.

Catola, Ovid shows here,
and the look of things confirms it,
tha [Love] does not discriminate against brown or bay,
but appeals mostly to degenerates.

Marcabru, I do not think you ever loved
Love, towards which you are so vehement,
nor that it ever esteemed anything less
than certain brainless jesters.

Catola, Love never took
a step [towards me] without fleeing right away,
and it still tirelessly flees
and will do so till it is undone.

Marcabru when I'm tired and sad
and my good friend greets me
with a kiss while I take off my clothes,
I go away well, and safe, and cured.

Catola, out of love of the wine-press,
money makes the fool cross the threshold
and then shows the eye the way
towards the other laughable people.