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Assatz m'es bel del temps essuig,
Quand la douz gem e la fonz bruig
E son li prat reverdezit,
Pesa·m de Joven car s'en fuig,
C'a penas troba qui·l convit.

Ben son l'enganador destruig,
Can l'uns pechat a l'autr' aduig,
El fuoc del malign esperit,
Que fai dir de l'enfan :so·m cuig,
Mieus es, ditz cel que l'a noirit.

Savis es qui lo fuoc destreing,
Qu'estra grat sobre lui non reing,
Que puois a lo fuocs envazit
Son ardimen, c'ad el si gleing,
Tart remanra senes mal crit.

Moillerat, segon l'endeveing,
Que·us es a venir vos enseing,
Mas si m'avetz espaorit
C'usquecs n'a son coratge feing,
Per que no m'es engal grazit.

A cum fo tan fer ni esquiu
Q'estrains quezes en autrui niu
Mas aras s'en son esbaudit
Si qu'el camin descobertiu
Van assegurat e plevit.

Tant cremon lo feu qu'ieu vos diu,
La flama la bras'e·l caliu
C'ar de tant se son enferzit
Que bravas en son e braidiu
Las moillers e·il drut e·il marit.

Qui m'entend[r]ia s'ieu dic be?
Q'ara·m membra de que·m sove,
D'un volpillatge e d'un ardit
C'ai agut, puois fui pros ancse
Et ancaras no m'a giquit.

De sol la paor ai faich fre
Que majormen aura faich me
Plus fort d'un caval arabit,
E si l'agues faich d'autra re,
Mos ardimens m'agr' enriquit.

Mon volpillatge teing tant car
Qu'el m'enseigna de cui mi gar
De gran fol e d'enfan petit,
E dei me tres vetz doctrinar
Mon affar anz que si'auzit.

Mon ardimen non dei laissar
Ni creire de tot mon affar,
Ni nuills autre no m'a desdit
Que leu de mon privat disnar
C'Aventura de joi partit.

Moillerat tuich estatz a frau
Que chascus rendetz mau per mau
Mas tot vos er contramerit
Et ieu guiarai ves Angau.

Guianna cridon en Peitau
Valia dissend contr' avau
E qui d'escaravaich fai guit
En avol luoc perpren ostau.

Per so, son Angevin aunit,
E qui d'escarabot fai guit
En avol loc perpren ostau.

I like the dry season
when the spring shrieks and the fountain murmurs,
and the meadows are green
and Youth saddens me, for it slips away:
it hardly finds who invites it.

The deceivers are well destroyed
in the fire of the Ill One
when one leads the other into such sin,
which makes the one who fed him say
"I think he's mine" about a child.

Wise is the one who prevents fire
from dominating in spite of himself,
because, once the fire wins over
his resistance, it sticks to him,
and this will hardly be without causing evil rumours.

Married people, about the future
that awaits you I will inform you,
but you've scared me so
(while every [other] conceals his thoughts)
because I am not held in as high esteem.

Ah! It was a very wild and cruel thing
that a stranger would seek to put himself in another's nest!
But, nowadays, everyone enjoys it
so that, in this hidden path,
they walk safe and confident.

One burns so much, in the fire I tell you about,
in the flame, the embers and the coals
that they have now become so furious
that they have become brazen, because of it, and savage,
the wives and lovers and husbands.

Who would understand me, if I spoke well?
for now I remind myself of what I recall,
a cowardice and a bravery
that I've had since I knew courage:
and I still have that.

Out of fear alone I made a rein,
otherwise, I would have made myself
stronger than an Arabian horse,
and if I had made it out of something else,
my bravery would have made a big deal of it.

I hold my cowardice in high esteem,
because it teaches me whom I have to watch out for,
for a great fool and a little child.
And I have to ponder three times
about my business before it is heard.

As for my bravery, I must neither abandon it
nor believe it in all my affairs
and no one else was able to contradict me
and told me to get up from my private meal
Good Fortune gave to me.

Married , you are all at fault:
in giving, each of you, ill for an ill
but everything will come back to you,
and I will guide you towards Anjou.

"Guiana!", they cry in Poitou,
"Valour descend against Anjou!"
And he who takes a dung-beetle for a guide
prepares his lodgings in a vile place.

For this, the Angevins are reviled,
And he who takes a beetle for a guide
prepares his lodgings in a vile place.