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Aujatz de chan com enans'e meillura,
E Marcabrus, segon s'entensa pura,
Sap la razon e·l vers lassar e faire
Si que autr' om no l'en pot un mot traire.

Per so sospir car mouta gens ahura
De malvestat c'ades creis e pejura!
So m'en somon que sia guerrejaire,
C'a lieis sap bo qan m'au cridar e braire.

Li sordeior an del dar l'aventura
E li meillor badon ves la penchura!
La retraissos fai trist e sospiraire
C'a rebuzos fant li ric lor afaire.

No·i a conort en Joven, mas trop fura,
Ni contra mort ressort ni cobertura,
Qu'ist acrupit l'an gitat de son aire
E de cami, per colpa de la maire.

Qui per aver pert vergonh' e mezura
E giet' honor e valor a non cura
Segon faisson es del semblan confraire
A l'erisson et al gos et al laire.

Proeza·s franh et avoleza·s mura
E no vol Joi cuillir dinz sa clauzura!
Dreit ni razon no vei mantener gaire
Quan per aver es uns gartz emperaire.

Coms de Peitieus, vostre Pretz s'assegura
Et d'en Anfos de sai, si gair' ill dura,
Car Avignon e Proenssa e Belcaire
Te miels per sieu no fes Tolzan sos paire.

S'aquest n'Anfos fai contenensa pura
Ni envas mi fai semblan de frachura,
Lai vas Leo en sai un de bon aire
Franc de razo, cortes e larc donaire.

De Malvestat los gart Sanct' Escriptura,
Que no lur fassa cafloquet ni peintura!
Sel qu'es e fo regom recx e salvaire
La sospeiso del rei n'Anfos m'esclaire.

Hear how my song progresses and improves,
and Marcabru, by his heavenly inspiration,
knows how to weave and fit the subject and verse,
so that one wouldn't change a single word.

But I sigh because many people delight
in meanness that always grows and worsens;
that which goads me into being belligerent,
is that my lady likes to hear me scream and holler.

The meanest have the good fortune of receiving gifts
and the best are speechless before a vain pretense.
The story saddens and makes us sigh,
because the rich do their business the wrong way.

There is no hope in youth, which too quickly steals away
and against death no appeal or defense,
because these crouching cowards have thrown Youth out of its domains
and out of its path by fault of their mother.

He who loses shame and moderation for money
and cares not for honour and valour,
judging from his conduct he seems to be the associate
of hedgehogs, dogs and the thieves.

Prowess breaks and Cowardice fortifies itself
and doesn't want to welcome Joy in its enclosure!
I do not see how right and reason would ever be kept
when, for money, a knave is Emperor.

Count of Peitieus, your valour is assured,
as well as that of our Alfonso, if it ever lasts,
for he holds Avinhon, Provença and Bèucaire
better than his father held the Tolosenc.

If this Alfonso simply makes a show of welcoming me
and shows me his niggardly side,
there, around León, I know of a good breed,
frank, reasonable, courteous and generous in its gifts.

May the Holy Scripture keep them from wickedness
so that it doesn't comb and paint them so!
May the one who is and was king and savior of kings,
enlighten me about what I should expect of King Alfonso.