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Ara.m digatz, Rambaut, si vos agrada,
Si.us es aissi, cum eu auch dire, pres,
Que malamen s'es contra vos guidada
Vostra dompna de sai en Tortones,
Don avetz faich mainta cansson en bada;
Mas ill a faich de vos tal sirventes
Don etz aunitz, et ill es vergoignada,
Que vostr' amors no.il es honors ni bes,
Per q'ella s'es aissi de vos loignada.

Albert marques, vers es q'ieu ai amada
L'enganairitz don m'avetz escomes,
Que s'es de mi e de bon pretz ostada;
Mas no.n puosc mais, qu'e ren no.il ai mespres,
Anz l'ai tostemps servida et onrada;
Mas vos e lieis persegua vostra fes,
C'avetz cent vetz per aver perjurada,
Per qe.is clamon de vos li Genoes,
Que, malgrat lor, lor empeignetz l'estrada.

Per Dieu, Rambaut, d'aisso.us port garentia
Que maintas vetz per talan de donar
Ai aver tout, e non per manentia
Ni per thesaur q'ieu volgues ajostar;
Mas vos ai vist cent vetz per Lombardia
Anar a pe, a lei de croi joglar,
Paubre d'aver e malastruc d'amia,
E feira.us pro qi.us dones a manjar,
E membre vos co.us trobei a Pavia.

Albert marques, enoi e vilania
Sabetz ben dir e mieils la sabetz far,
E tot engan e tota fellonia
E malvastat pot hom en vos trobar,
E pauc de pretz e de cavallaria,
Per qe.us tolgront ses deman Val de Tar;
Peiracorva perdetz vos per foillia;
E Nicolos e Lanfrancos da Mar
Vos podon ben appellar de bausia.

Per Dieu, Rambaut, segon la mi' esmansa,
Fesetz que fols qan laissetz lo mestier
Don aviatz honor e benananssa;
E cel qe.us fetz de joglar cavallier
Vos det enoi, trebaill e malananssa
E pensamen et ir' et encombrier,
E tolc vos joi e pretz et alegranssa,
Que puois montetz de ronssin en destrier
Non fesetz colp d'espaza ni de lanssa.

Albert marques, tota vostr' esperanssa
Es en trazir et en faire panier:
Enves totz cels c'ab vos an acordanssa
E que.us servon de grat e volontier
Vos non tenetz sagramen ni fianssa;
E s'ieu non vail per armas Olivier,
Vos non valetz Rotlan, a ma semblanssa,
Que Plasensa no.us laissa Castaignier:
Tol vos la terr' e no.n prendetz venganssa.

Sol Dieus mi gart, Rambaut, mon Escudier,
En cui ai mes mon cor e m'esperanssa,
A mon dan get de trobar vos e 'n Pier,
Vis de castron magagnat, larga panssa!

Albert marques, tuich li vostre gerrier
Ant tal paor de vos e tal doptanssa
Qu'il vos clamon lo marques putanier,
Deseretat, desleial, ses fianssa

Now tell me, Raimbaut, if you please,
if it actually, as I hear say, happened
that she has behaved ill towards you,
here in Tortona; and I mean your lady,
the very one for whom you've written many a song in vain;
But she has made such a parody of you
for which you are debased, and she is shamed;
your love brought neither honour nor advantage,
and that is why she has left you in this fashion.

Marquis Albert, it is true I have loved
the deceiver you goad me with
and who has swayed from me, and from good worth;
But I can't do more, since I haven't failed her in anything;
instead I have always served and honoured her;
But her, and you, may your broken faith torment,
that which you have violated a hundred times out of greed,
so that the Genoese protest that you,
in spite of their protests, assail them on the highway.

By God, Raimbaut, I can assure you this:
that many times out of will to donate
and not in order to enrich myself, I have taken money,
nor did I do so for any treasure I might want to hoard;
But I have seen you a hundred times through Lombardy
on foot, as befits a wretched jester,
poor of wealth and unfortunate in love,
needing somebody to gift you with some food:
and remember how I found you in Pavia.

Marquis Albert, annoying and villainous things
come well to you in speech, and even better in practice,
and all deception and all treachery
and malice can be found in you,
and little of worth, and little chivalry,
therefore they took from you Val di Taro unimpeded,
and you lose Pietracorva out of folly;
And Nicolo and Lanfranco da Mar
may well call you faithless.

By God, Raimbaut, in my opinion
you did a foolish thing when you abandoned the trade
where you found honour and ease;
And he who turned you from jester into knight
brings you grief, torment and misfortune
and worries, and sorrow and embarrassment
and takes joy and worth and mirth from you;
moreover, since you rose from a nag to a steed
you didn't land a blow of sword or lance.

Marquis Albert, all your hope
is in betraying and in cheating:
towards all those that have truces with you
and serve you eagerly and willingly
you keep neither oath nor faith;
And where I am no Oliver with arms
you are, it seems to me, not quite a Roland's worth,
since Piacenza doesn't leave your Castagnero:
it takes your land, and you no vengeance.

Raimbaut, if God only keeps me my Squire,
in which I have put my heart and hope,
I don't care for your versifying for sir Pier's
face of a cankerous goat, you fat paunch!

Marquis Albert, all your enemies
have such fear of you and such distrust
that they call you the whoring marquis,
disinherited, unfair and untrustworthy.

Note: Raimbaut's opponent in this tenso is the marquis Albert Malaspina.