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Raimbaut de Vaqueiras: Complete Works

El so que pus m'agensa (To the most delightful melody)
Leus sonetz (A light song)
Domna, tant vos ai preiada (Lady, so much I have endeared you)
Ara.m digatz, Rambaut, si vos agrada (Now tell me, Raimbaut, if you please)
D'amor no.m lau, qu'anc non pogey tan aut (I don't enjoy love, since never I perched so high)
No puesc saber per que.m sia destregz (I can't understand the cause of my distress)
Leu pot hom gauch e pretz aver (It is easy for a man to have joy and merit)
Ges, si tot ma don' et amors (Now, albeit my lady, and Love)
Senher n'Aymar, chauzes de tres baros (Lord Aymar, choose, out of three gentlemen)
Era.m requier sa costum' e son us (Now love requests its tribute)
Savis e fols, humils et orgoillos (Wise and foolish, humble and proud)
Eissamen ai gerreiat ab amor (I have waged war on love the same way)
Gerras ni plaich no.m son bo (Neither war nor treaties are any good to me)
Ja non cujei vezer (I never thought I'd see)
Kalenda maia (Neither calends of May) With original melody
Eras quan vey verdeyar (Now that is see becoming verdant)
Engles, un novel descort (Engles, I compose)
Truan, mala guerra (I know that the ladies)
Ara pot hom conoisser e proar (Now one can know and prove)
Conseil don a l'emperador (I offer a counsel to the Emperor)
Seigner Coine, jois e pretz et amors (Lord Conon, joy and worth and love)
No m'agrad' iverns ni pascors (I don't like winter nor spring)
D'una dona.m tueill e.m lais (I leave a woman and depart from her)
Altas undas que venez suz la mar (Tall waves coming over the sea)
Gaita be, gaiteta del chastel (Ward well, little warden of the castle)
Las frevols venson lo plus fort (The weak win the stronger ones)
Tuich me pregon, Engles, qe vos don saut (Everyone insists, Engles, that I accuse you)
Ja hom pres ni dezeretatz (A captive or disinherited man)
Ben sai e conosc veramen (I know well and truly recognise)
A vos, bona don' e pros (To you, my good and valiant lady)
Ar pren camgat per tostemps de xantar (Now do I turn away from singing forever)
The Sirventes with the Unknown Beginning
Si ja amors autre pro non tengues (If love offered no other advantage)
The Epic Letter