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D'una dona.m tueill e.m lais,
Qu'ieu no vueill sa paria
Pos vei que va de biais
Ni que ten autra via;
Qu'eu l'era fis e verais
E ses tota bauzia,
Que per ma fe
E' l'amava mais que re;
Fassa son be,
C'a far l'er, si.s pliu per me.

Ges non pres un botacais
Dona que aitals sia
C'un prenda et autre.n lais:
Non fai ges cortezia.
Soven presta son carcais,
Nuils hom non s'i fadia,
Segon qu'ieu cre;
Quar molt es de gran merce,
Qu'ieu ho sai be
E d'autres moltz, per ma fe.

Ges una pruna d'avais
En s'amor non daria,
Si be.m fai ni col ni cais;
Per que.us ho celaria?
Quan la vei, m'o tenh a fais,
S'alre far en podia.
Sabes per que?
Dieus que.m mante
L'en do so que l'en cove.

Ben es tornad' en debais
La beutat qu'ill avia,
E no l'en te pro borrais
Ni tefinhos que sia,
Et es ben razos hueimais,
Que.l jovens te sa via;
E par li be
A son escueill, qui la ve:
Mal si capte
E fara peitz per jase.

I leave a woman and depart from her,
because I don't want her company
because I see she goes aslant
and follows another path;
for I as faithful and true to her
and fully without deceit,
because, by my troth,
I loved her more than anything;
Let her do what's good for her
because she shall do it, if she pledges herself to have me.

I prize not a fat
lady fashioned so
as to take one man and leave another:
courtesy is something else.
She often lends her quiver,
nobody strives too much to get there,
I do believe;
for she is plenty merciful,
as I know well,
and so do many others, by my troth.

A wild plum is more than
I'd give for her love,
albeit she makes passes at me;
why should I conceal it from you?
When I see her, it grieves me,
even if she could act different.
Do you know why?
May god, who maintains me,
give her what suits her.

The beauty she had
has rather fallen down,
and borage doesn't help her
nor any makeup there is,
and that for a good reason,
that her youth is going away;
and it is clear,
by her bearing, when one sees her
that she acts bad
and she will act worse tomorrow.