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Ja non cujei vezer
C'amors mi destreises
Tant que dompna.m tengues
Del tot en son poder,
Que contra lor orguoill
For' orgoillos, cum suoill,
Mas beutatz e jovens
E gentils cors plazens
E.il gai dich plazentier
De mon Bel Cavallier
M'ant faich privat d'estraing;
E puois durs cors s'afraing
Vas amor en luoc car,
Sap mieills sa dompn' amar
C'umils trop amoros,
De totas enveios.

Ma dompna.m pot aver
E nuill' autra non ges,
Per o qe.il gensser es
E car sap mais valer,
C'aitals es cum la vuoill,
Que ren no.i met ni.n tuoill:
Coind' e gai' e plazens,
Bella et avinens,
Et a bon pretz entier,
E sen qan l'a mestier
E foudat lai o.is taing,
E nuils bes no.il sofraing,
C'ab faitz et ab honrar
Si fai a totz prezar
E lauzar als plus pros
Qe.i vezon mais razos.

E si.m vol retener
Aissi cum m'a promes,
Mout m'es ben d'amor pres,
Mas trop fatz lonc esper,
Que del dezir mi duoill
Qe.m mostron siei beill huoill
E sa cara rizens;
E si.m des sos cors gens
So c'ab son conseill qier,
Vencut agr' a sobrier
D'aventura Galvaing,
Q'en sa merce remaing
Pois mi volc autreiar
Qe'eu la pogues preiar
Et amar en rescos
E.n fezes mas chanssos.

Dieus la.m lais conquerer,
E vailla.m dreitz e fes,
Q'ieu sui del tot conques,
C'a lieis no.m puosc tener;
E pois vassals acuoill
Seignor en son capduoill,
Qe.il es obediens,
Pauc d'esfortz fai si.l vens.
Doncs midonz si.m conquier
C'ab fin cor vertadier
Li sui, e s'ela.m fraing
Mos covens, nuill gazaing
Non pot el mieu dan far,
E fara s'en blazmar
S'ieu la serv en perdos
E puois l'es mos dans bos.

Dompn', aisso.m fai temer
Qe.m failla.l gaugz enpres,
Car me sui tant aut mes
Per q'ieu tem bas cazer;
Mas no.m viest ni.m despuoill
Ab negun mal escuoil,
Que celans e temens
Et homils e sofrens
Vos sui, ses cor leugier;
E ditz el reprovier
C'onratz bes mal refraing,
Per c'a vos m'acompaing,
Qe.il mal seignor avar
Fant lor vassals baissar,
E.l larcs enanss' ab dos
Si e sos compaignos.

De solatz e d'aver
Es larg', e no.i fail res,
Pros dompna, mas merces,
E merce.us vuoill qerer,
C'aprop la flor e.l fuoill
Nais d'albre fruitz c'om cuoill,
E merces nais breumens
Apres valor e sens,
Qui franchamen l'enquier;
Et hom ja fai mainier
D'un esparvier guilfaing,
Et eu qe.us mi complaing
Non puosc merce trobar,
E Dieus cum poc formar
Tantas bellas faissos
Lai on merces non fos?

Mala.m poc tant plazer
Vostre gens cors cortes,
Q'ieu pert d'autras mains bes,
C'aissi.m deu escazer,
Car per vos mi destuoill,
Com a.n Gui d'Esiduoill,
A cui fo sovinens
La rein' entendens,
Don la fad' el vergier
Perdet; et eu sofier
E veill e plor e plaing
Per vos, e pens e.m laing
Cum pogues conquistar,
E degra.us gazaignar,
Q'ie.n pert d'autras per vos
Que m'agran faich joios.

Bona dompna valens,
Cortes' e conoissens,
Non crezatz lausengier
Ni jelos malparlier
De mi, c'ab vos remaing;
C'ad autra no.m complaing,
Ni puosc mais dompn' amar,
Mas servir et honrar
Las vuoill totas per vos,
Q'etz plus bell' e plus pros.

Na Biatritz valens,
Etz bella e plazens,
E.us donon pretz entier
Dompnas e cavallier
E qui qe.us acompaing.
A totz si cum lor taing
Sabetz ben dir e far
E.ls meillors mais honrar,
E s'ieu dic ben de vos,
Assatz n'ai compaignos.

I never thought I'd see
love grip me so that
a woman would hold me
so totally in her power;
since against others' pride
I'd pit pride, as is my habit,
but beauty and youth
and a gracious, pleasant body
and the bright, pleasing talk
of my Beautiful Knight
have deprived me of my wildness;
and a hard heart, when broken
for love of a precious object,
can love a lady better
than a humble, excessively loving man
who lusts after all women.

My lady can have me,
and no other can,
for she is the most pleasing
and because she has greater worth.
And she is just as I would wish her,
so that I wouldn't add or take anything away:
charming and bright and pleasant,
beautiful and attractive,
and she has merit to perfection,
and she is wise when necessary
and silly when it's proper;
she doesn't lack any good quality
since by her deeds and her honour
she makes everybody prize her,
and the most valiant praise her
since they best see in her good cause.

And if she wants to keep me
as she has promised me,
I have done well in love;
but my hope is too long deferred
for I suffer from the desire
that her beautiful eyes
and smiling countenance stir in me;
and if she yielded her pleasant body
(which her advice moved me to seek),
I would have won a superior
fortune than Gauvain,
for I remain at her mercy
since she was pleased to concede
that I could entreat her
and love her in secret
and compose my songs for her.

God let me win her!
may my right and faithfulness avail me,
since I am entirely won myself,
and can no longer resist her;
and when a vassal welcomes
in his stronghold the lord
he owes obedience to,
the latter performs no great deed in subduing him.
Therefore, if my lady conquers me,
who am, with my noble, truthful heart,
hers, and if she breaks
her truce with me, no gain
can come from my loss,
and she exposes herself to blame
if I serve her without reward
and she then takes advantage of my loss.

Lady, one thing makes me fear
that my pleasure shall not be achieved,
and that is that I have climbed so high
that I dread falling down;
but I don't fall into temptation
or reveal anything,
but hiding and fearing,
humble and suffering,
I am yours, with unswerving heart;
and the proverb says
that an honourable good assuages the ill
so I bind myself to you
since evil, avaricious lords
debase their vassals,
while the generous exalt with gifts both
themselves and their companions.

Precious lady, you are liberal
with entertainment and with wealth
and don't lack anything but mercy,
and it is mercy I want to ask you for,
because after the flower and the leaf,
the fruit that man picks is born on the tree,
and compassion presently appears
after worth and wisdom,
if one seeks it earnestly;
and one can even tame
a rapacious goshawk,
while I, who appeal to you,
cannot find any mercy,
and how could God shape
so many beautiful features
where no mercy is?

Wretchedly could it appeal to me so much,
your pleasant, kindly body,
since I miss much favour from other women;
and since I turn away for your sake,
I must share the fate
of Sir Gui of Excideuil,
who remembered
the amorous queen
and therefore lost
the fay in the bower;
and I suffer
and wake and weep and lament
how I can win you
and be able to gain you,
while I miss, for your sake, others
who would have made me happy.

Good, worthy lady,
courteous and wise,
don't believe the gossip
nor jealous slanderers
when they mention me, who remain yours;
since I do not bring my case to another
nor can I love another lady,
but I want to serve and honour
all for the sake of you,
who are the most beautiful and precious.

Precious Dame Biatriz,
beauty and delight are yours;
ladies and knights,
and whoever may be in your presence,
can see it full well.
To all, according to their due,
you can say and do what's right
and you honour the best even more,
so that if I talk praisingly about you,
I am in good company.