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Kalenda maia
Ni fueills de faia
Ni chans d'auzell ni flors de glaia
Non es qe.m plaia,
Pros dona gaia,
Tro q'un isnell messagier aia
Del vostre bell cors, qi.m retraia
Plazer novell q'amors m'atraia
E jaia,
E.m traia
Vas vos, donna veraia,
E chaia
De plaia
.l gelos, anz qe.m n'estraia.

Ma bell' amia,
Per Dieu non sia
Qe ja.l gelos de mon dan ria,
Qe car vendria
Sa gelozia,
Si aitals dos amantz partia;
Q'ieu ja joios mais non seria,
Ni jois ses vos pro no.m tenria;
Tal via
Q'oms ja mais no.m veiria;
Cell dia
Donna pros, q'ie.us perdria.

Con er perduda
Ni m'er renduda
Donna, s'enanz non l'ai aguda
Qe drutz ni druda
Non es per cuda;
Mas qant amantz en drut si muda,
L'onors es granz qe.l n'es creguda,
E.l bels semblanz fai far tal bruda;
Qe nuda
No.us ai, ni d'als vencuda;
Vos ai, ses autr'ajuda.

Tart m'esjauzira,
Pos ja.m partira,
Bells Cavalhiers, de vos ab ira,
Q'ailhors no.s vira
Mos cors, ni.m tira
Mos deziriers, q'als non dezira;
Q'a lauzengiers sai q'abellira,
Donna, q'estiers non lur garira:
Tals vira,
Mos danz, qi.lls vos grazira,
Qe.us mira,
Cuidanz, don cors sospira.

Tant gent comensa,
Part totas gensa,
Na Beatritz, e pren creissensa
Vostra valensa;
Per ma credensa,
De pretz garnitz vostra tenensa
E de bels ditz, senes failhensa;
De faitz grazitz tenetz semensa;
Avetz e coneissensa;
Ses tensa
Vistetz ab benvolensa.

Donna grazida,
Qecs lauz' e crida
Vostra valor q'es abellida,
E qi.us oblida,
Pauc li val vida,
Per q'ie.us azor, donn' eissernida;
Qar per gencor vos ai chauzida
E per meilhor, de prez complida,
Genses q'Erecs Enida.
N'Engles, ai l'estampida.

Neither calends of May,
nor leaves of beech
nor songs of bird, nor gladiolus flowers
are of my liking,
o noble and merry lady,
until I have a fleet messenger
of your beautiful person to tell me
of new pleasures love and joy
are bringing;
and I repair
to you, true lady;
and let me crush
and strike
the jealous, before I depart from here.

My beautiful friend
by God, this never be:
that out of jealousy one scoffs at my harm,
he'd command a dear price
for his jealousy
if it were such as to part two lovers;
Since never again I'd be happy
nor would I know happiness, without you;
I'd take
such a way
that I'd never be seen by men again;
that day
I'll die,
brave lady, in which I lose you.

How could I lose
or retrieve
a lady, before I have had her?
neither leman nor lover
is such by imagination alone;
but when a suitor turns into a lover
great is the honour he has accrued,
such is the fame produced by a sweet glance;
yet naked
you I have never, nor others have won you;
longed for,
you I have, without any meed.

I'd hardly rejoice
should I part from you,
my Beautiful Knight, in sorrow,
since it doesn't turn anywhere else
my hart, nor drags me
my desire, since it desires naught else.
The slanderers, I know, would be pleased,
lady, as otherwise they'd find no peace.
Such one would see
and listen to
my loss, who would be indebted to you for it
as he looks at you
and considers
in his presumption, for which my heart sighs.

So kindly blossoms,
shining above all,
noble Beatriz, and so kindly grows
your valour;
in my opinion
your dominion is adorned with worth
and of fair speech, without doubt.
You are the source of gracious deeds;
and mercy
you have, along with knowledge;
beyond all dispute
you clothe in kindness.

Gracious lady,
everyone praises and proclaims
your worth, which gives such pleasure;
and he who forgets you,
prizes life but a trifle
and so I adore you, distinguished lady;
since I have chosen you as the kindest
and as the best, laden with worth,
I have flattered
and served
you more kindly than Eric did Enid.
and ended,
Dame Engles, I have the estampida.

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