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A vos, bona don' e pros,
Vas cui van tug mei consir,
Dic en chantan mas razos,
Qu'estiers no.us aus descubrir
So qu'ieu ai e mon coratge.
Per que? Quar no.i es l'auzars.
Tant es est pensamens cars
C'ades i tem dir folatge.

E s'entre las mil chansos,
Dona, i puesc esdevenir
En un bon mot ho en dos
Que.m voillatz sol obezir,
Intratz soi el dreg viatge
D'amor, e totz mos chantars
Sera fis e mos cors clars,
E restaurara.l dampnatge.

Mas per vos mezeis saus fos,
Que no.m laisasetz murir,
E quar anc parlei de vos,
C'autra no.m pot abelir.
Per Dieu, no.i gardetz paratge,
Qu'eisid' etz de totz cujars,
Qu'eu ni autre no.us es pars
De pretz ni de ric linhatge.

E si.m queretz ochaizos
Adreg mi podetz ausir,
E qui.n vol esser janglos,
Si.s vol, mal ho ben pot dir;
Mas pauc fai de vassalatge
Sel que lai on merceiars
No val ni gens razonars
Ditz enueg ni vilanatge.

Mas ieu no soi consiros
Mas de vos a grat servir,
Per qu'eu n'ai maintas sazos
Pensamen que.m fai languir,
C'az autra for' agradatge
So que.us es enueigz amars,
E quar de re no.us soi vars,
Mostratz me semblant salvatge.

Mas lai on es obs perdos,
On nuils hom non pot faillir,
Me sia Dieus amoros
Aitan quant ieu vos dezir
Ses tric e ses cor volatge;
E s'anc ves amor fui vars
Aras m'es dous l'esperars,
E no.m clam de lonc badatge.

Vencut, en nostre lenguatge
M'es plus dous c'autre parlars
De na Beatritz lauzars,
Et ai en trop bon uzatge.

To you, my good and valiant lady
towards whom all my thoughts turn,
I speak my mind in song,
for otherwise I dare not unveil
what hides in my heart.
Why? Because I lack the audacity.
So dear is to me this obsession,
that I dread to speak foolishly.

And if, among the thousand songs,
lady, I can succeed
with a happy word or two
in merely making you listen to me,
I have taken the right path
of love, and all my art
will be praiseworthy and my heart light,
and the loss will find reparation.

But let me be saved through you,
and don't let me die,
for I always referred to you,
since no other woman can charm me.
By god, do not keep to your rank,
for you are above all presumption,
and neither I nor anyone else is your equal,
either in worth or in noble ancestry.

And if you seek a bone of contention,
kill me right away instead,
and he who wants to be indiscreet
can speak ill or good as he pleases;
but he is not a chivalrous man
who, when reasoning
and courtly discourse fails,
says unpleasant and villainous things.

But my sole concern
is to serve you without meed,
for which I have, many times,
worries which make me languish,
because what would please another woman
is grievous annoyance to you,
and since I am not at all inconstant towards you,
you give me hostile glowers.

But when it comes to forgiveness,
there is no man who doesn't need it:
may god love me
as much as I desire you,
without treachery and fickle heart;
and if I ever was, in love, inconstant,
now hope is sweet to me,
and I don't complain of a long delay.

Vencut, in our language
there is no discourse dearer to me
than praise of Dame Beatritz,
and I have and exceedingly good practice in it.

Note: of uncertain attribution.