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/ils hom tan
/on amet. com
/idons tro soa
/emas ella soa
/est. no mier
/quar trop lai
/t. gran tort
/z tan capauc
/el cui hom son

Forsat m'a encontra devet
E tengut enclaus et envout,
Si co.l leos vol la forest,
Que tot quant es dedins s'espert
E non eis pel frest ni pel sim;
E fals' amor destreis m'aisi e.m pois
E.m fes anar lonc termini a orsa.

Ben es vers c'a orsa.m menet,
E fis que fols quar lei ai cout,
Que.l no ret gaerdo de prest,
C'aisi m'a sos fals digz cubert
Que de fraiser fazia vim,
C'ab sos bels digz m'aplanet e m'enois
E mostret me com ieu de leis m'estorsa.

Estortz sui, mas aisi.m liet
Ab eis lo genh ab que m'a sout,
Mas ieu soi sel que no m'arest
Que lai on fezeutatz se pert,
Quar uns no.i a saber tan prim
Que lai on ve cobe ni mois;
Ni.m part de lui e vauc dretç, qui que.s torsa.

Ges no.m tortz, mas d'aiso.m penet;
Tant ai afilat et esmout,
Qu'ieu cuidava aver conquest
Ric joi, mas en ira.m revert,
Que la fezeutat de Caim
Trobei en leis, que tot be desconois,
Per qu'ieu remanh com l'albres ses l'escorsa.

Fraire, ie.us am pueis que nos vim,
E soi sel que no.us desconois,
Mas ja no vueill amor que trenc ni.s torsa.

[This stanza is available
only in one extremely deteriorated
manuscript, from which
the illuminated initials were removed.
The content is,
therefore, unintelligible,
but it is reported here for perusal
by those among our readers
who have a penchant
for riddles and such]

Despite of the prohibition, she has taken me by force,
and kept me locked up and surrounded,
as the lion wants the forest [to be],
with everyone in it so timorous
as not to dare emerge from the top and summit [of the bushes];
and faithless love weighed so much on me and so much crushed me
that it made me take to the sea for a long while.

It is quite true that she drove me into the wind,
and I wasn't but a fool in adoring her,
since there is no compensation for what is merely lent.
She concealed so much the falseness of her discourse
that she made an ash-tree of an osier,
and with her chiselled words she pacified me and appeased me
and showed me how to free myself from her.

I am free, but she has bound me so,
with the same guile with which she has released me,
since I am such as to stop
only where faithfulness is unrewarded,
for there is no wisdom as perfect
than when one sees deceitful and covetous people;
and I don't part from her, but go straight, whoever may stray.

I don't stray one hairbreadth, but she punishes me for this;
so long did I sharpen and grind,
that I thought I had gained
a great joy, but it turns to sorrow on me,
for I found in her
the faithfulness of a Cain, who deprecates all merit,
so that I am left like a tree without its bark.

Fraire, I have loved you since we saw each other,
and I am the one who does not decry you,
but I don't care for love that cuts itself free and goes awry.

Note: of uncertain attribution.