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Engles, un novel descort
Fauc per remembransa
De vos, en cui me conort
De ma greu malenansa,
Qu'atressi.m nafr' amors fort
Cum vos de sa lansa,
Estiers que gaug e deport
N'avetz et ieu pezansa;
Et agra.m fait piegz de mort
Ma don' e fiansa,
Mas bos comjatz m'a estort
De sa mal' acordansa,
Que parti m'en al seu tort
En desacordansa,
Mas ela.m quis pois acort,
On ai bon' esperansa.

Per semblansa
Greu venjansa
Cujet de me prendre,
Qu'e balansa
Mes s'amansa,
On pogra mort atendre.
Ses doptansa
Andreus de Fransa
No.s saup tan gen rendre,
.m fo fermansa,
Al mielhs q'eu saup entendre,

Que ja non la perdes
Ni autra non ames
E que segur estes
De lieys, on que m'anes,
Qu'elha tenri' ades
Lo sieu cor del mieu pres.

S'ie.y puesc atenher,
Be.m fes aut empenher
Mos Belhs Cavaliers,
Cant li.m plac senher
Lo bran per estenher
Jelos lauzengiers.
Belh' es ses penher,
E no s'en pot fenher
Adregz ricx parliers.
Be.m pot destrenher,
Qu'elh' es don' e senher
De mi ses totz pariers.

Mas cum que.m destrenha,
Jamais no.m planherai
Mal que d'elha.m venha,
Mas lo ben grazirai
E l'onrad' ensenha
Del sieu nom cridarai;
E si prendre.m denha,
A tapi li venrai

Si cum Tristans, que.s fes guaita,
Tro qu'Yzeus fo vas si traita.
Mort d'espaz' ai' eu forfaita,
Quan ja fos per me retraita
Tan grans honors, si.m fos faita,
Per qu'es folhs qui ja.m n'aguaita.

Engles, I compose
a new contrast remembering
you, in whom I find comfort
in my dire straits,
because otherwise love wounds harms me deeply
with its lance, as it does you,
with the difference that you have happiness
and amusement from it, and I grief;
and my trust and my lady
would have doomed me to something worse than death,
but an honourable departure has delivered me
of her bad faith;
for I have left with guilt on her side,
and in contention,
but afterwards she sought a reconciliation,
so that I have high hopes.

she thought of taking
a heavy vengeance,
for she put her love
in jeopardy,
so that I'd expect to die.
Without doubt,
Andrew of France
didn't surrender as graciously,
since there was gladness
for me in the assurance
(as far as I could understand),

that I should never lose her
nor love another woman
and that I'd remain sure
of her, wherever I would go,
since she would now hold
her heart next to mine.

If I could reach her,
my Beautiful Knight
truly raised me high
when she was pleased to gird upon me
the sword to annihilate
jealous slanderers.
She is beautiful without makeup
and no clever prattler of the high society
can have a laugh at her expense.
She can well constrain me,
since she is my lady and sovereign
with no peers.

But, no matter how she constrains me,
I shall never lament
an ill which comes from her to me
but I will thank for the good
and I will cry the honourable
signal of her name.
And if she deigns to take me,
I shall come to her as stealthily

as Tristan, who turned watchman
until Yseut went to him.
May I deserve to die by the sword
if through me were exposed
such a great honour, if it were bestowed on me,
so that he is foolish who should keep an eye on me for this.