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No m'agrad' iverns ni pascors
Ni clars temps ni fuoills de garrics,
Car mos enans mi par destrics
E totz mos majer gaugz dolors,
E son maltrag tuit miei lezer
E desesperat miei esper;
E si.m sol amors e dompneis
Tener gai plus que l'aiga.l peis!
E pois d'amor me sui partitz
Cum hom issillatz e faiditz,
Tot' autra vida.m sembla mortz
E totz autre jois desconortz.

Pois d'amor m'es faillida.il flors
E.l dolz fruitz e.l grans e l'espics,
Don gauzi' ab plazens prezics
E pretz m'en sobrav' et honors
E.n sabi' entre.ls pros caber,
Era.m fai d'aut en bas cazer;
E si no.m sembles fols esfreis,
Anc flama plus tost non s'esteis
Q'ieu for' esteins e relinquitz
E perdutz en faitz et en digz
Lo jorn qe.m venc lo desconortz
Que non merma, cum qe.m refortz.

Bels armatz e bos feridors,
Setges e calabres e pics,
E traucar murs nous et antics,
E vensser bataillas e tors
Vei et aug; e non puosc aver
Ren qe.m puosc' ad amor valer!
E vauc cercan ab rics arneis
Gerras e coitas e torneis,
Don sui conqueren enriquitz;
E pois jois d'amor m'es failitz,
Totz lo mons no.m parri' us ortz,
Ni mos chans no m'es mais confortz.

Doncs, qe.m val conquistz ni ricors?
Qu'eu ja.m tenia per plus rics
Qand er' amatz e fis amics,
E.m paissi' ab n'Engles amors;
N'amava mais un sol plazer
Que sai gran terr' e gran aver,
C'ades on plus mos poders creis
Ai major ir' ab mi mezeis,
Pois mos Bels Cavalliers grazitz
E jois m'es loignatz e fugitz,
Don mais no.m naissera conortz,
Per q'es majer l'ir' e plus fortz.

Pero no.m comanda valors,
Si be.m sui iratz ni enics,
Q'ieu don gaug a mos enemics
Tan q'en perda pretz ni lauzors,
Q'ancar puosc dan e pro tener,
E sai d'irat joios parer
Sai entre.ls Latins e.ls Grezeis;
E.l marques, que l'espaza.m seis,
Gerreia Blacs e Drogoiz,
Et anc pois lo mons fon bastitz
Nuilla gens non fetz tant d'esfortz
Cum nos, cui Dieus a gent estortz.

Lo marques n'es honratz e sors
E.l Campanes e.l coms Enricx,
Sicar, Montos e Salanicx
E Costantinople socors,
Quar gent sabon camp retener,
E pot hom ben proar en ver:
Qu'anc mais nulha gent non ateis
Aitan gran honor, apareys.
Per bos vassals, valens, arditz,
Es nostr' emperis conqueritz,
E Dieus trameta nos esfortz
Coissi.s tray' a cap nostra sortz!

Anc Alixandres non fetz cors
Ni Carles ni.l reis Lodoics
Tan honrat, ni.l pros n'Aimerics
Ni Rotlans ab sos poignadors
Non saubron tan gen conquerer
Tan ric emperi per poder
Cum nos, don poja nostra leis;
Q'emperadors e ducs e reis
Avem faitz, e chastels garnitz
Prop dels Turcs e dels Arabitz,
Et ubertz los camins e.ls portz
De Brandiz tro al Bratz Sain Jorz.

Per nos er Domas envazitz
E Jerusalem conqueritz
E.l regnes de Suri' estortz,
Que.ls Turcx o trobon en lur sortz.

Los pellegris perjurs, fraiditz,
Qi nos an sai en camp geqitz,
Qi los manten e cortz es tortz,
Que chascuns val mens vius que mortz.

Belhs dous Engles, francx et arditz,
Cortes, essenhatz, essernitz,
Vos etz de totz mos gaugz conortz,
E quar viu ses vos, fatz esfortz.

I don't like winter nor spring,
nor clear weather nor oak leaves,
since my advancement seems to me entanglement
and all my greater enjoyments pains
and all my pleasures sufferings
and all my hopes hopeless;
and love and courting used to
keep me as gay as a fish in water!
And since I parted from love
as an exiled and ruined man,
every other life seems death to me
and all other joys desolation.

Since I have lost the flower of love
and the sweet fruit, and the grain and the ear,
in which I rejoiced with pleasant discourse
and which gave abundance of honour and worth
and where I could fit among the valiant,
while now it makes me fall low from the summit;
and if it didn't seem to me a foolish concern,
no flame would fade
quicker than I would fade and be forgotten
and lost both in words and in deeds
the day the desolation came to me
that won't diminish, in spite of my efforts.

Handsome warriors and good swordsmen,
sieges, catapults and pikes,
and breaking of walls old and new,
and defeat of battalions and towers
I see and hear; and I cannot get
anything that would avail me in love!
And I go seeking, clad in costly armour,
wars and frays and tournaments
where I am, conquering, enriched;
and since I am denied the joy of love,
the whole world seems to me smaller than a bower,
nor does my art console me anymore.

So, what do conquests and wealth avail me?
I did indeed consider myself wealthier
when I was loved, and had mistresses,
besides my noble Engles' love;
a single courtesy pleased me more then
than here great dominions and great riches,
since now, the more my power grows
the more does as well my heart's resentment,
since my cherished Beautiful Knight,
and joy with her, have strayed away and fled from me,
so that comfort shall never come to me,
which increases and strengthens my desolation.

However, valour does not order me,
albeit I am oppressed and vexed,
that I give my enemies reason for happiness,
so to be depleted of worth and reputation,
since I can still do harm and good,
and I can dissimulate my unhappiness
with the Latin and the Greeks;
and the marquis, who girded me with the sword,
fights the Wallachians and Drogobites,
and never, since the world was created,
did anyone perform such deeds
as us, whom god has graciously delivered.

The marquis is thereby honoured and uplifted
and the Champenois and Count Henry,
Sicar, Modon and Salonika
and Costantinoples relieved,
since they know well how to hold the battle-field,
and one can find evidence of this:
that nobody ever achieved
such glory is apparent.
Through good, valiant, daring vassals
our empire is conquered,
and let god send us reinforcements
so that our destiny can be fulfilled.

Never lead Alexander an expedition
so honourable, nor did Charlemagne
nor king Louis nor the valiant Sir Aimeric
nor Roland with his warriors:
they could not conquer so many people,
an empire so endowed with power
as ours, where our word is law;
for we have created emperors,
dukes and kings, and we have manned castles
near the Turks and Arabs,
and opened the path and ports
from Brindisi to St. George's Straits.

Through us, Damascus is assaulted
and Jerusalem conquered
and the kingdom of Syria liberated,
for the Turks find this in their prophecies.

Wrong is he who maintains in court
the perjured, fraudolent pilgrims
who have deserted us here on the battlefields,
since each of them is worth less alive than as a corpse.

Fair, sweet Engles, earnest and fearless,
courteous, learned, distinguished,
you are the inspiration of all my pleasures,
and in living without you, I perform a feat.