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Gaita be, gaiteta del chastel,
Quan la re que plus m'es bon e bel
Ai a me trosqu'a l'alba.
E.l jornz ve e non l'apel!
Joc novel
Mi tol l'alba,
L'alba, oi l'alba.

Gait', amics, e veilh' e crid' e bray,
Qu'eu sui ricx e so qu'eu plus voilh ai.
Mais enics sui de l'alba,
E.l destrics que.l jorn nos fai
Mi desplai
Plus que l'alba,
L'alba, oi l'alba

Gaitaz vos, gaiteta de la tor,
Del gelos, vostre malvays seynor,
Enujos plus que l'alba,
Que za jos parlam d'amor.
Mas paor
Nos fai l'alba,
L'alba, oi l'alba

Domn', adeu que non puis mais estar;
Malgrat meu me.n coven ad annar.
Mais tan greu m'es de l'alba,
Que tan leu la vei levar;
Nos vol l'alba,
L'alba, oi l'alba

Ward well, little warden of the castle,
since the thing that is to me the best and fairest
is mine until dawn.
And the day comes, uncalled for!
The dawn
takes a new embrace away from me,
the dawn, alas, the dawn!

Ward, my friend, and wake and scream and sing,
since I am rich and have what I most desire.
But I am angry at the dawn:
the sadness daylight brings us
displeases me
more than the dawn,
the dawn, alas, the dawn!

Keep yourself, keeper of the tower,
against the jealous one, your lord, wretched,
more bothersome than the dawn,
since down here we discourse of love.
But we are afraid
of the dawn,
the dawn, alas, the dawn!

Lady, farewell, since I cannot stay any longer;
I must leave, in spite of myself.
How it grieves me, the dawn
which I see coming forth so quickly;
the dawn
means treachery,
the dawn, alas, the dawn!