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Era.m requier sa costum' e son us
Amors, per cui plaing e sospir e veill,
C'a la genssor del mon ai quist conseill
E.m ditz q'ieu am tan aut cum puosc en sus
La meillor dompna, q'ella.m n'es fermanssa
C'onors e pretz m'er e pros e non dans;
E car ill es del mon la plus prezans
Ai mes en lieis mon cor e m'esperanssa.

Anc non amet tan aut cum eu negus
Ni tant pro dompn', e car no.i trob pareill
M'enten en lieis e l'am al sieu conseill
Mais que Tisbe non amet Pyramus,
Que jois e pretz sobre totas l'enanssa,
Qu'il es als pros plazens et acoindans
Et als autres es d'orgoillos semblans,
Larga d'aver e de doussa coindanssa.

Anc Persivals qand en la cort d'Artus
Tolc las armas al cavallier vermeill
Non ac tal gauch cum eu del sieu conseill,
E.m fai morir si cum mor Tantalus,
Que so.m veda de que.m don' aondanssa
Midonz q'es pros, cortess' e benestans,
Ric' e gentils, joves e ben parlans,
E de bon sen e de bella semblanssa.

Bella dompna, aitant arditz e plus
Fui qan vos quis la joia del cabeill
E qe.m dassetz de vostr' amor consseill
No.n fo del saut a Tir Emenadus,
Mas a mi.n chai mais de pretz e d'onranssa
Q'endreich d'amor fo l'ardimens plus grans;
Mas ben deu far tal ardit vostr' amans,
Moira per vos o n'aia benananssa.

Ja mos Engles no.m blasme ni m'acus
Si.m loing per lieis d'Aureng' e del Monteill,
C'aissi.m don Dieus del sieu bel cors conseill
Cum las meillors valen de lieis en jus,
E s'ieu fos reis d'Englaterr' o de Fransa
Loignera m'en per far totz sos comans,
Q'en lieis es totz mos cors e mos talans
Et es la res don plus ai desiranssa.

Belh Cavalier, en vos ai m'esperansa,
E quar vos es del mon la plus prezans
E la plus pros, no mi deu esser dans
Quar vos mi des cosselh e.m fos fermansa.

Na Beatritz de Monferrat s'enansa
Quar totz bos faitz li van ades denans,
Per qu'ieu dauri ab sas lauzors mos chans
E trai m'enan ab sa belha semblansa.

Now love requests its tribute
and its dues, so that I weep and sigh and wake,
for I have sought counsel from the most gracious one on earth,
and she told me to love the best lady
in the highest possible circles, and that she grants
that honour and worth will come from it, profit and no loss;
and since she is the worthiest in the world,
I have put my heart and hope in her.

Nobody ever loved in such a high sphere as I do,
nor an equally honourable woman; and since her peer can't be found
I set my mind on her and love her, following her advice,
more than Pyramus loved Thisbe,
since joy and worth uplift her above everyone else,
for she is gracious and amiable towards the valiant
while keeping a haughty countenance towards the others,
generous of her wealth and of sweet disposition.

Even Perceval, when at King Arthur's court,
he took the armour from the Vermilion Knight,
didn't rejoice as I do from her counsel;
and she makes me die as Tantalus did,
by keeping me from what she gives me aplenty,
my lady who is excellent, courtly and perfect,
noble and kind, young and eloquent,
wise and of beautiful countenance.

Beautiful lady, when I asked for
the joy of a lock of your hair
and that you advised me touching my love for you
I was more daring than Emendaus when assaulting Tyre,
but more worth and honour are due to me
because in love was the greatest daring;
but truly, your lover must display such daring,
whether it ends in dying for you or in attaining bliss.

Let not my Engles blame me or accuse me
if I stray, for her sake, away from Orange and Montélimat,
for God counsel me touching her fair person,
as even the best are worth less than her,
and if I were the king of England or of France,
I would abandon my realm to do all she bids,
because my heart and my desire are in her
and she is the thing I long for the most.

Beautiful Knight, in you I have placed my hope,
and since you are the worthiest in the world
and the most precious, that should not be to my loss,
because you gave me advice and were my warranty.

Lady Beatriz of Monferrato enhances her fame,
since all good deeds precede her now;
for which I gild with my art with her praises,
and push my reputation forward through her beautiful mien.