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Ges, si tot ma don' et amors
M'an bauzat e mes a lor dan,
No.us cugetz qu'ieu n'oblit mon chan
Ni qu'en vailla meins ma valors
Ni que ja.n lais nuill autr' onrat mestier
Ni nuill bon fait que.s tanh' a cavalier,
Ni que.m tueilla bona vid' avols mortz,
Si coma fes quan passei lai los portz.

Galop e trot e saut e cors,
Veillars e maltrait et afan
Seraun mei sejorn darenan,
E sufrirai freitz e calors,
Armatz de fer e de fust e d'asier,
E mei ostal seraun bosc e semdier
E mas chansos sirventes ab descortz,
E mantenrai los frevols contra.ls fortz.

Mas per o quar mi for' honors,
S'ieu trobes dona benestan,
Avinen e cueind' e prezan,
A cui no plagues ma dolors,
Que no.s vires ni crezes lauzengier
Ni no.s fezes trop preiar, s'ieu l'enquier,
De leis amar fora leus mos acortz,
S'ill ames me, c'aitals es mos conortz.

Mas qu'ar sobra mon sen folors,
Qu'estat n'aurai perdutz un an
Per una fals' ab cor truan!
Mas jois m'a tan dousas sabors
Que.m pot dar gaug e tolre consirier
Mal grat d'amor e de mon cor leugier
E de midons, c'a totz tres soi estortz,
E ponharai com senes els m'esfortz

De servir e d'autras lauzors,
E de totz bons faitz trair' enan,
De pretz e de lans' e de bran,
Entre.ls reis e.ls emperadors!
Vas Monferrat e sai vas Foncalquier
Viurai de guerr' a lei de mainadier!
E pos d'amor no.m ve autre cofortz,
Partirai m'en, et er sieus totz lo tortz;

Car ai proat d'amor tot son mestier:
C'aisill que son camjador e leugier
Son meils amat, e qui la serf es mortz,
Per qu'ieu soi ricx, quar ieu li soi estortz.

Na Biatriz, vostre ric prez sobrier
Salf Deos e gart, aisi com voill e qier,
E qi no.l vol sia desfaiz e morz,
Q'a lui no plaz joi, solaz ni deporz.

Now, albeit my lady, and Love,
have degraded and disdained me,
don't think that I forget my art because of this,
nor that my prowess is diminished,
nor that I abandon any other honourable trade
nor any good deed that befits a knight,
nor that a base death shall take my noble life,
as it did when I crossed those passes.

Galloping and trotting, jumping and running,
nightly watch and discomfort and fatigue
will be my entertainment henceforth,
and I shall suffer from cold and from heat,
armed with iron, with wood and with steel,
and woods and roads shall be my lodgings
and many songs shall be strident satires
and I shall uphold the weak against the strong.

But since it'd be an honour for me
if I found a lady of distinction,
attractive, pleasing and worthy,
and who wouldn't enjoy my grievance
and who wouldn't be fickle, or believe slanderers
and who wouldn't be too hard to win if I wooed her,
I should be readily prone to love her,
if she loved me, because such is my comfort.

But now folly wins over my sense,
for I shall have wasted a year
for a faithless one with a treacherous heart;
but Joy has so many sweet flavours
that it can give me bliss and take care away
in spite of love and of my fickle heart
and of my lady, for I have escaped from all three
and without their influence, I shall try to apply myself

to service and to other praiseworthy acts
and to putting forward all good deeds
of valour and lance and sword
among the kings and emperors.
Yonder in Monferrato and here in Foncalquier
I shall live of war as a mercenary!
And since love comforts me no further,
I shall go away, and it will take all the blame;

because I have assayed all sides of love:
those who are inconstant and fickle
are loved best, and he who serves is lost,
so that I'm rich, having escaped from it.

Lady Biatriz, your precious, unequalled fame
I commend to God, as I wish and pray;
and he who opposes this, let him be undone and dead,
since he dislikes joy, pleasure and delight.