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Cadenet: Complete Works

Ab leial cor et ab humil talan (With a faithful heart and with a humble attitude)
A! Cu·m dona ric coratge (A! How Love gives me plentiful willingness)
A home meilz non vai (No man has it better)
Az ops d'una chanso faire (When it comes to writing a song)
Ai, dousa flor ben olenz (Ah, sweet flower of good scent)
Aitals cum ieu seria (The thing I would be)
Amors, e com er de me? (Love, what will become of me?)
Ans que·m jauzis d'amor (Before rejoicing in love)
Be volgra, s'esser pogues (I would like, if it could be)
"Cadenet, pro domna e gaia ("Cadenet, a valiant, cheery woman)
Camjada s'es m'aventura (My luck has turned)
De nuilla ren non es tant grans cartatz (Of no such thing is there such a want)
S'anc fui belha ni prezada ([The Lover: ]"If I ever was beautiful and worthy) With original melody
L'autrier, lonc un bosc fullos (The other day, along a leafy wood)
Meravilh me de tot fin amador (I wonder, as a truly fine lover)
No sai qual cosselh mi prenda (I don't know what to believe) With original melody
Oimais m'auretz avinen (At last, you'll find me amenable)
Plus que la naus q'es en la mar prionda (More than the ship that is above deep sea)
Pos jois mi met en via (Since love prods me that way)
S'ieu ar endevenia (If I now managed)
S'ieu ueimais deserenan (If, from now on, in the future)
S'ieu pogues ma voluntat (If I could force my will)
S'ie·us essai ad amar (If I dare love you)
S'ieu trobava mon compair' en Blacatz (If I found my comrade, Sir Blacatz)
Tals renha dezavinen (Some behave unpleasantly)
Longa sazon ai estat vas Amor (For a long time I have been, towards Love)